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Gun Rights

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News, articles, and calls to action about your Gun Rights.

ATTENTION CANADIANS: Protect your firearms rights and fight against the upcoming backdoor gun registry by supporting our petition against Bill C-47.

Gun control expert, oops we meant advocate, no no no we meant opinion piece, says something about handgun ban.

Ottawa Matters published an article originally titled "Banning handguns in Canada could reduce local crime, says gun control expert" on June 12, 2019. The frenzy of replies from gun owners online caused the publication to nearly immediately start to back peddle.

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How the AR-15 was once saved from Prohibition, and can be again.

The AR-15 has become the Gun Control lobby's ubiquitous poster boy for the need for gun control. However they were once massively disappointed to have it not become prohibited by a grass roots campaign launched by a sport shooting organization.

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Suppressor use, a public safety concern.

Firearm owners are often given the comparison that “if you have to get a license to drive then you should get a license to own a firearm”. Then along that same logic if your car is required to have a muffler to reduce the amount of noise it creates, why can’t Canadians use suppressors on their firearms to reduce the amount of noise they create? If the train of logic is good enough to create a law, then why can’t it be applied to amend law for actual public safety?

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A game of numbers. RCMP estimation on amount of CZ-858 and Swiss Arms rifles.

In November 2018 Rob O’Reilly, who at the time was the RCMP’s Director of Firearms Regulatory Services, told a House of Commons committee “We do not know the exact numbers of the firearms, but there has been speculation that they could be in the tens of thousands”. Which leads one to wonder exactly how accurate this statement is?

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The politics of a gun ban. Learn how the game is played.

Rumours have recently surrounded the Women Deliver 2019 Global Conference in Vancouver that Prime Minister Trudeau would use the venue to announce a ban on AR-15's and restricted category rifles. The Prime Ministers speaking dates at the conference have passed, but is it time to breathe a sigh of relief?

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Scheer promises Conservative Government will repeal C-71.

With Bill C-71 being a political hot button with firearm owners Andrew Scheer has promised that the Conservative Party will repeal Bill C-71 and replace it with legislation that targets criminals.

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