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Gun Rights

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News, articles, and calls to action about your Gun Rights.

ATTENTION CANADIANS: Protect your firearms rights and fight against the upcoming backdoor gun registry by supporting our petition against Bill C-47.

Parliamentary petition against Bill C-71 passes 37000 signatures.

As you may be aware there is new firearm legislation tabled that has been fast tracked by the Liberal Party of Canada. The debate on this bill has been limited by the fast tracking, and Bill C-71 is being strongly opposed by every Canadian law abiding firearm owner that has read it.

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What is an assault weapon?

With the gun control debate ramping up in the US and Canada one term that you hear thrown around in the narrative is "assault weapon". Gun control advocates and Politicians are using this term to paint entire makes of rifles in a negative light, but do they really know what they are talking about?

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The CZ-858 and Swiss Arms prohibition..... again.

If Bill C-71 passes into law the CZ-858 and the Swiss Arms family of rifles will become prohibited. If this sounds like old news, it kind of is, but it's the second kick at the can of bringing these rifles into the prohibited classification.

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Bill C-71, further stigmatizing mental illness.

One issue surrounding firearm ownership in Canada is mental illness, and the reluctance to seek help due to fear of loss of property. Once Bill C-71 comes into effect this stigma on a already heavily regulated segment of the population will only get worse.

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Bill C-71, allowing the fox to guard the hen house.

If a world existed where revenue services were allowed to write the tax code, then do you think that they would write a set of laws that would benefit their fellow citizen? If a world existed where police departments were able to write criminal law, then do you think that they would write laws that would decrease their budgets?

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Does Bill C-71 create a gun registry?

If Bill C-71 comes to pass does it create a gun registry? Isn't this a campaign promise that the Liberal Party of Canada said that they wouldn't do if elected? Wasn't the first firearm registry a waste of taxpayers money with no benefit to public safety?

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