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Daniel Defense unveils a new 3D printed suppressor, the DD Wave.

Daniel Defense unveils a new suppressor that takes advantage of modern 3D printing technology to have some very well thought out features.

Grey Man RIP-M panel mounted on the back of a seat.

It isn't hard to find MOLLE panels and seat covers manufactured by a decent array of manufacturers. Enough so that it's fairly difficult to find a product that stands out from the crowd.

Leupold scope after 11 years of exposeure to the wilderness.

Leupold posted an interesting series of photographs to their Facebook page showing one of their scopes that had been found in Idaho after being lost 11 years in the wilderness.

Unboxing and mount the Aimpoint LRP to our T2 Micro.

Our new Aimpoint LRP quick detachable mount has arrived for our T2 micro. We unbox it and show how to properly mount it to the T2.

Yeah that's a picture of the Holosun mount breaking with the arrow pointing at it.

We've reported in past videos about Holosun Optics mounts breaking and we unintentionally got it on film.


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