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Bill C-71 will further stigmatize mental health in firearm owners.

One issue surrounding firearm ownership in Canada is mental illness, and the reluctance to seek help due to fear of loss of property. Once Bill C-71 comes into effect this stigma on a already heavily regulated segment of the population will only get worse.

Bill C-71 will give the Firearms Lab power to prohibit firearms.

If a world existed where revenue services were allowed to write the tax code, then do you think that they would write a set of laws that would benefit their fellow citizen? If a world existed where police departments were able to write criminal law, then do you think that they would write laws that would decrease their budgets?

Does Bill C-71 create a new long-gun registry?

If Bill C-71 comes to pass does it create a gun registry? Isn't this a campaign promise that the Liberal Party of Canada said that they wouldn't do if elected? Wasn't the first firearm registry a waste of taxpayers money with no benefit to public safety?

Why does Bill C-52 proposed by Ralph Goodale grant Quebec the entire Canadian Long Gun Registry?

This past week has seen a fairly hot topic for firearm owners with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale bringing forward a Bill that was touted as having the ability to resurrect the long gun registry.

UN marking regulations have been deferred until December 2018.

It was confirmed today that the UN firearms marking regulations have been deferred until December 2018.

Petition E-1093 would require Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee members to possess a firearms license.

A new petition was launched yesterday that requests that the members assigned to the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee to have a valid Possession and Aquisition License.

Does the CZ 858 conclusion foreshadow gun bans with the UN Arms Trade Treaty?

Recently Wolverine Supplies took to their Instagram feed to show the conclusion of the CZ 858 Spartan rifles. The rifles unceremoniously had their receivers chopped, forever deactivating them and concluding the ordeal.

Update on the petition protesting bill-c47.

Earlier in April 2017 you probably heard that we had launched a hard copy petition to protest Bill C-47, the bill that can create a backdoor gun registry. There are a few updates that we need to share with you, the biggest being that it's fully sponsored by a sitting Member of Parliament.

Firearms manufacturers trade their opposition for exemption.

Bill SB-1657 passed in Illinois today by a one vote margin. This bill mandates state licensing for Illinois gun dealers, and it restricts all others to nine firearm transfers per year.

Print and sign the petition against backdoor gun registration.

We're launching a petition in response to Bill C-47 officially titled "An Act to amend the Export and Import Permits Act and the Criminal Code (amendments permitting the accession to the Arms Trade Treaty and other amendments)". To read the article we've published about this Bill and how C-47 can create a back door gun registry click here.

Record keeping under the Arms Trade Treaty will act as a defacto registry.

With the coming United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that Canada has signed on to there are provisions in the ATT that forces a backdoor registry.

The battle for your firearms rights continues under a Trump Presidency.

With firearms rights seemingly secure under the Trump administration people that were once politically active for their firearms rights have relaxed a little. Is now the time to take a break from securing your firearms rights?

If you haven't heard by now there was recently a study conducted by the CMAJ that focused on "Immigrant Youth and Firearm Injury Risk". In typical fashion the Canadian mainstream media picked up and ran with this story, and altered the findings to show that Ontario youth were being injured once a day by firearms. This couldn't be further from the truth, so don't worry, children aren't shooting each other every day.

The recent prohibition of the CZ858 as of January 2017 has raised many questions. First off it's important to note that this does not include all CZ858 that are currently in country, including the ones that had their prohibition reversed under Bill C-42 in 2015. This strictly effects a new import of CZ858 Tactical-2P “Spartan” rifles, which are now classified as prohibited.

When Magpul Industries pulled their operations out of Colorado in protest of the laws that limited the capacity of magazines to 15 rounds in 2013 the State lost 200 jobs and a 100,000 square foot operation that paid taxes and supported secondary industries in the State. Magpul has since grown to 380 employees in a new 185,000 square foot facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Recent announcements also have Magpul becoming the supplier of magazines to the US Marine Corps, a further loss to Colorado and a further boon to Wyoming.

Recently we wrote an article exploring the myth that Canada is more peaceful than the US. We used the most up to date statistics that we could find at the time of publication which was 2014 statistics. Since these were the statistics we used for that article, and like this article all of the material we source our findings off of was linked at the bottom of the page, anyone with a world view that opposed the article attacked the findings by attacking the 2014 statistics. The angle of attack against the article was that we used out of date statistics on purpose to slant the article into a viewpoint that we supported. Clearly they couldn't argue with the hard numbers that we sourced from trustworthy sites so they had to find a new avenue of attack. So we've done the same research, this time after having found the most up to date statistics at the time of publishing this article, 2015 statistics.

It's a common misconception, and in fact one that's loudly trumpeted by those opposed to self defense and concealed carry of a firearm, that the US is a more violent country than Canada. Yes, the US leads against Canada in gun related violence. However what someone that is touting Canada's 'superiority' in this matter doesn't take into account is that violent crime no matter how it's committed and no matter what item is used in the offense leaves the victim scarred for a lifetime, assuming the violent attack leaves them alive at all.

Sometimes in Canada there is good news for firearm owners. Of course it is worth noting that this news is only good because it's the expiration of the private members bill S-223, titled "Strengthening Canadians' Security and Promoting Hunting and Recreational Shooting Act". This was the kind of bill that used wording to make it sound good when it had nothing to do with security or promotion of hunting and recreational shooting.

Members of Canadian JTF2 now hold the world record for longest confirmed sniper kill shot.

A Canadian sniper has recently shattered the world record for longest confirmed kill shot at an incredible distance of 3540 meters.

NEA 102 is approved as non-restricted.

The North Eastern Arms (NEA) 102 has officially been approved by the Canadian Firearms Lab with a non-restricted status.


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