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BATFE reverses decision about pistol braces constituting a redesign.

With the controversy in the past of the pistol brace constituting a redesign into a SBR, the BATFE issues a new decision letter in 2017 that changes that opinion, again.

North Korea displaying their new small arm in the theme of a Objective Individual Combat Weapon.

During a large military to celebrate the Day of the Sun North Korea displayed their newest military hardware, including a new assault rifle / grenade launcher in the style of the Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW).

Venezuela confiscates civilian guns to arm militia.

With protests and riots occurring across the country Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro declared he would arm thousands of his supporters.

11 year old boy from Garden Hill First Nation community in Manitoba was shot and killed.

An 11 year old boy from Garden Hill First Nation community in Manitoba was shot and killed when several children were playing with a gun they found.

A variety of firearms are impounded in this photo including Mauser bolt action rifles, lever-action Winchesters, and a Browning Auto 5 semi auto shotgun.

Massachusetts police impounded 98 firearms and a variety of ammunition after reports of improper storage.

Photo of the Colt C8 rifle stolen from an officers car.

Safe storage in Canada is the catch all tool used by prosecutors and recommended as charges by Police forces against civilians in nearly every headline you see.

Everyone in the firearm community has seen it, and everyone knows of at least one journalistic hatchet job aimed at firearm owners. It evokes the usual reaction of letters to the editor, rebuttals, and backlash. However with the recent trend of centering on digital media, is this the proper approach from the firearm community?

There was a warning issued that ISIS has released a list of thousands of churches on United States soil that they have threatened to attack. This list covers churches in all 50 States and is said to be planned during the holiday season. A firearm instructor and trainer has come forward to offer armed protection for Christmas day services, and is willing to go as far as a 10 hour drive to assist any church that would desire his services.

It's that time of year again, where Canadian media fixates on the tragic events of École Polytechnique always accompanied by some kind of 'expert' that's using the tragedy to call for stricter nationwide gun controls. This dark day in Canadian history is used every year as a rally cry for stricter gun control from a small, but vocal, segment of the population. The fact that they would use such a tragedy to advance a political agenda is beyond sickening.

One of the Conservative Party Member of Parliament running for leadership of the party, Kellie Leitch, is vowing to legalize pepper spray as a way to reduce violence against women. Currently mace, tear gas, pepper sprays, or any spray or gas designed for use against humans is prohibited for civilian ownership in Canada.

Time's running out to buy an AR-15.

Here's a list of Canadian businesses that still have AR-15 for sale. You have very little time left to act before the rumoured announcement that may prohibit the AR-15 and variants.

Brownells BR-10 rifles in .308 Winchester.

One of the interesting developments to be released in time for Shot Show 2018 is the BRN-10 line of retro rifles from Brownells. The BRN-10A and BRN-10B are rifles chambered in .308 Winchester that are part of the Brownells retro line. The entire retro line are built to appear as they would have when they seen service from 1955 to 1982.

NEA 102 pre sale.

The NEA102 is a non-restricted semi automatic modern sporting rifle chambered in 7.62x51 NATO. Currently it's available in three colours of black, OD Green, and FDE.

IWI released a spec list of the Tavor 7.

Two days ago Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) released a teaser picture of a 7.62x51 Tavor. They've now released the proposed specs of the rifle.

IWI US teaser pic of a 7.62 NATO Tavor.

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) US released a teaser picture today that is sure to have many people wondering where to put their order in, a 7.62 NATO Tavor.

A safety recall has been issued due to a disconnector in the fire control group.

Daniel Defense, a premier manufacturer of AR-15 rifles, has issued a safety recall on a number of their rifles.

IWI US Tavor X95 is now shipping in .300 Blackout.

The newest model in the Tavor lineage, the X95, is a hot seller in all of North America. With refined ergonomics and the ability to take STANAG (AR15) magazines it's no wonder that this carbine is so popular.

Noveske NSD with permanently attached silencer.

Noveske has announced that the NSD rifle has begun production and will be shipping to dealers once the ATF forms are granted.

Knifewear, a company that sells premium kitchen cutlery, was banned from advertising on Facebook.

Knifewear, a Calgary based company, that sells high end kitchen cutlery has had their advertising banned from Facebook.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center - Crane has conducted tests between M-LOK and KeyMod.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center - Crane (NSWC-Crane) recently ran a test on behalf of United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) that evaluated KeyMod and M-LOK weapon accessory attachment systems.


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