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Outdoor + Survival Gear

  • The debate between "traditional hunting" and "tactical" rifles is one that is used to divide the firearm owning community with each passage of anti-firearm laws.

  • While the manufacturers hydration pack is exactly what 95% of users will need, sometimes a bit of variety is needed. Did you know that you can mix and match hydration bladders with other packs and accessories for a fit more tailored to your individual needs?

    Have you found yourself liking the pack and bladder of one type of manufacturer but found some areas to be desired, well you can look into fitting accessories of a different manufacturer onto the pack. If you like the bladder of one type of hydration pack, but like the pack of another then you can mix and match different bladders and packs.

  • All areas of the industry are covered here including new product releases, announcements, and any news specific to the firearms and outdoor industries.

  • Knifewear, a Calgary based company, that sells high end kitchen cutlery has had their advertising banned from Facebook.

  • We show some of the benefits and drawbacks of rifles with and without adjustable butt stocks in use with body armor.

  • With all of the choice on the market one tends to shop for the lowest price. Most of the time this sets the product up for failure as the lowest price isn't always the best product.

    A knife is a tool, and as any trades person can attest to you're sometimes only as good as the tools you use. Most cheaper knives on the market are made from low quality steel. Such steel is likely to break under hard use, and with knives being the type of tools that people rely on with their lives a broken knife can cause injury or be the difference between life and death.

  • Why would you need to use a tactical pack, backpack, or hydration pack? You may not be into firearms or tactical accessories but a tactical pack has more use than you may imagine.

    Tactical style packs are durable, modular, and meant for ease of use. These features are just as beneficial to any sport and everyday use as they are to the tactical user. Getting into your pack fast saves time, which could mean a faster finishing time to your event, or just easier use in your daily life.