Havit, like Anker and Mopower is a Chinese brand of headphones and personal electronics that is now available in the US. I wasn’t aware of them until they reached out to me and offered a set of their new HB655BT headphones to test out. These are hybrid noise canceling headphones with Bluetooth connectivity.

Hybrid headphones have microphones inside and outside of the ear cups to create a inverse soundwaves to cancel up to 35db of ambient noise; Active Noise Cancelation (ANC). Its battery powers it up to 76hrs and connects via bluetooth. In addition, it has a 3.5mm auxiliary audio port to provide direct wired connection to your devices.

The headphones have 3 sound modes: ANC on, ANC off, and Ambient. Ambient amplifies ambient sounds and projects them into your ears to simulate what you would hear without the headphones on. Moreover, there is a Game Mode setting which reduces Bluetooth lag by sacrificing sound fidelity (but I didn’t notice much degradation in music quality). Without Game Mode, there is a noticeable lag when watching videos with the headphones where sounds and voices do not match up with the picture.

Overall I found the headphones to be very bass heavy to a fault. While this may not be to my or an audiophile’s tastes it tdoes make the HB655BT perfect for gaming or for the majority of the pop-music listening public. Where these headphones also excel is in price, roughly a hundred dollars less than equivalent BEATS headphones.

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