In this episode, Ivan provides a overview of the gear used in the High Desert Hunter Match. He discusses gear transportation, NRL Hunter, and gun requirements, and takes a in-depth look at the Mini Fix gun and Leupold VX-5 HD scope. He also talks about using ballistic apps, precision shooting techniques, and the 6 ARC cartridge, ending with reflections on gear performance and personal skills.


Lems Primal Zen Shoes

Prometheus Design Werx Raider Pants

Surefire Sun Hoodie

Beyond Alpha Aura Jacket

Varusteleka Hard Shell Jacket

Smith Director Elite Glasses

Surefire Ear Pro

Garmin Xero C-1 Chronograph


Nalgene Water Bottle

Ultradyne USA Carbon Tripod

Cole-Tac Tricorne Waxed Bag

Sig Kilo 5k Rangefinder

Q LLC MiniFix Rifle

Half Nelson Silencer

Kick Stand Bipod

Leupold VX-5HD Scope

SierraTac Sling

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