Ideagle sent me a set of their adjustable target stands to test. These steel square tube bases allow you to clamp up two vertical wooden planks to staple or hang archery or firearms targets. Unfortunately no instructions or photos were included in the generic brown cardboard box, so I had to figure it out on my own. I contacted Ideagle and they said they were still working on downloadable instructions.

The two main arm sections are square tubular frames that can adjust from 16″ to 24″ apart. The sections telescope into each other and allow the mounting of full sized and letter sized targets. At the end of each arm, one screws in perpendicular bar to form the legs to create an overall “H” like base. At each end of the H base, two rectangular sockets allow you to insert up to a 1″x2″ wood plank or steak to form the vertical stand for your target. Knob screws at the sockets lock the planks in place.

My first impression was how rough, spotting, and minimal the welding was in its construction. The edges were not finished leaving sharp edges which almost sliced open my thumb during assembling so take caution and I recommend deburring it with a file before assembly or using thick work gloves. Thick black paint covers this to provide rust protection but the spottiness of the welding, I would not recommend leaving these stands out year round exposed to the elements.

The weight of the mount should be sufficient to keep a target up. Should you be in gusty conditions, the base has slots to insert ground stakes. The box came with a bag of steel ‘U’ lawn stakes. The wood for the vertical planks can be purchased at any lumber store. Overall, it works well as a target stand at most ranges and does its job. You get a set of 2 stands so it’s a reasonable price for the pair.