Let’s face it…

Comparatively, the vast majority of people have never been in a real gunfight, right?

I have… and I can tell you that it’s nothing like your typical “range day” practice routine.

Real attacks are shockingly fast and there’s so much for your brain (and body) to deal with while you’re fighting to get to your pistol… drawing your weapon… moving off the line of attack… and trying to avoid all the obstacles around you so you don’t fall on your ass.

Training for these real-world dynamics is (of course) critical in order to lessen the “cognitive load” needed to deal with these dynamics.

But one big factor I teach in our counter-ambush courses is to “pre-prep” your gun for a worst-case scenario.

One of the ways you can do this is with adding any kind of feature that will improve your handling and accuracy with your firearm, even in low-light or if you’re shooting from awkward positions.

In fact, browsing the interwebs the other night, I came across a post that took a good look at lasers and rightfully outlined how…

The Odds Will Always Be Stacked Against You, So You Need Every Advantage You Can Get – And…

This Reddit User’s Comment About The Single Best Use For Adding A Laser To Your Pistol NAILED IT! (Well, Almost…)

As our Redditor points out, the HUGE advantage a gun laser gives you is being able to line up a shot when you’re at a weird angle to your attacker.

In a compromised position – and especially under low-light in close-quarters – there’s NO WAY you’re going to see your sights or even the barrel of the gun when the attack is full-on.

When even point shooting won’t work, a laser is the only way to know where the bullet is going to go.

If you miss your shot, it isn’t just YOUR life that’s at risk – it’s the lives of those you’re protecting and anybody else who might be in the path of that stray bullet!

You And I Both Know That No Gizmo Can Substitute For  Good Quality Training When It Comes To Using Your Firearm…

…But There’s One Big Mistake In This Analysis Of “When” A Laser Is Your Best Friend In Defending Against A Violent Attack…

The only mistake our Redditor made was that he said these situations were “very rare.”

They’re not!

In fact, a real gunfight looks nothing like the training you’re doing down at the gun range and the chances of you being in something other than “perfect stance” is more likely than you think.

Consider this…

  • Most gunfights happen is super close-quarters – usually 9′ away or even less!
  • Criminals prefer to target you when you least expect it and in an awkward position that doesn’t allow you to quickly fight back – like when you’re sitting down… hunched over putting groceries in your car… laying on the couch or in bed, etc.
  • Ambushes that start with a physical assault will always take you off-balance – and can even force you to fall down, forced to defend yourself while you’re flat on your back.
  • In a real attack, you likely won’t be stationary and will “get off the X”… which can also lead to you tripping over an obstacle in your environment that puts you on the ground.

All of these scenarios make it harder for you to defend against criminal attacks… and they know it!

This is why, one of the first modifications I make to all of my firearms is to add a laser system to each of them to give all of my guns better odds at doing the job.

And since prices have really come down in recent years, there’s really no reason NOT have add a laser to your firearms.

But a word of caution here: Not all laser sights are made the same…

Here Are A Few Things To Look For When Choosing The Best Laser-Sight System For Your Firearms…

I’ve tested a bunch of laser systems – ranging from super cheap ones off of Amazon, to high-priced ones at local gun shows.

If you’re going to look for one for any of your firearms, I suggest you find one that has a very low “profile” (meaning as small and shallow as possible) so that it doesn’t interfere with your draw stroke or any movements you need to do with your hands.

Also, you need one that you can adjust the sights on because they do need to be zeroed in with your pistol’s sights.

So look for one that allows both “windage” and “elevation” adjustments so you can make sure it’s dead-on accurate.

I really like the Crimson Trace pistol laser for my “micro-pistol” I keep as a backup in my back pocket.

The only problems are that, the ones I purchased don’t allow for adjustments and these are also pretty expensive ($200 minimum).

I prefer a “happy medium” when picking one out.

One of the lasers I’ve liked a lot that works with all of my home defense firearms is the Predator laser system from MCG because it offers the best balance of all the options I was looking for at a very affordable price.

Just be cautious about “cheaping out” your pick too much because some of the “bargains” I’ve found seem like a great deal, but are really just worthless “toys”.

In any case, find one you like and get it to the range ASAP! 🙂

Does Your Pistol Or Other Personal Defense Weapons Have A Laser Attached?

Please Share Any Tips You Have For Training With Them For Personal Defense In The Comments Below…

The post Reddit User Cracks “Gun Laser” Secret? (But Misses One Important Detail…) first appeared on Warrior Life | Urban Survival | Close Quarters Combat | Tactical Firearms Training | Live Life Like A Warrior.

The post Reddit User Cracks “Gun Laser” Secret? (But Misses <u>One</u> Important Detail…) appeared first on Warrior Life | Urban Survival | Close Quarters Combat | Tactical Firearms Training | Live Life Like A Warrior.