Allene Durdin

It was 9 o’clock in the evening and 81-year-old Allene Durdin was settled into her couch for the evening, talking on the phone with her best when she heard a knock at the door.

Called “the cornerstone of our neighborhood” by those who knew her, the quiet elderly woman had no reason to be afraid in her humble, suburban block – so she didn’t think twice to crack open the door to see who came to visit.

Suddenly, two masked men broke through the open door, forcing their way inside.

Arkansas Home Invasion
Home Invaders

The two men were brutal – and merciless…

Before robbing Durdin’s home, they beat the elderly woman so bad that they left a bloody footprint on her face and left her with a broken nose, seven broken ribs, and bleeding on the brain.

As Durdin’s friend heard he screaming for help over the phone, she immediately called the police who arrived just in time to see both men escaping from the home, but were unable to catch them.

Fortunately, CCTV camera footage was able to identify the two men.

Thanks to this irrefutable evidence caught on video, Terrio Pope, 19, and Ramon Huntley, 17, were both arrested, convicted, and are receiving 40-year and 50-year prison sentences respectively for their crime.

While Not All Crimes Can Be Prevented With Cameras, Modern Technology Is Making It Easier And More Affordable Than Ever For Everyday Families To Keep Eyes On Their Home And…

Here Are 7 Super Sneaky Spots You Can Hide A Tiny Spy-Cam In And Around Your Home To Defeat Violent Home Invaders

Sneaky Webcam Locations

In the game of home security, having visible CCTV cameras on the outside of your home can be a powerful deterrent for keeping home invaders out – but they’re not foolproof and can even be disabled or destroyed by criminals once they spot them.

Sometimes, it’s what the criminals don’t see that can indeed save you.

That’s why having a layer of interior “spy-cams” in your home can be a powerful weapon in recording any criminal acts, giving the police and court jurors the ammunition needed to put these violent criminals away for a long time.

But you shouldn’t just slap these cameras on a shelf with the hopes that they won’t be seen.

Home invaders are sneaky – and you have to be even sneakier!

Can You Spot These Cam Hiding Spots In Your Home?

Here are some great hiding spots identified by one YouTuber who got creative and came up with some easy locations that you most likely already have options for right now.

See if you can find these location options in your own home…

Blend In With “Covert Camo”

Some modern cameras are now being outfitted with “skins” that help your technology naturally blend into its environment – but you can create your own with a little ingenuity and for a lot less money.

For example, one camera has an option for a virtual “ghillie suit” – much like a military sniper’s – that fits over an outdoor camera to make it look like vegetation.

Tiny spy-cams are much easier to hide however, and you can accomplish the same thing with cheap, fake foliage from a thrift store or craft shop.

High In Your House Plants

Placing a camera high within an indoor plant not only conceals it, but also provides a strategic vantage point.

By placing a covert camera in a plant that’s at a higher location in the room, it provides for a more expansive view and the natural cover minimizes the chances of detection.

High viewpoint camera
YouTube; SmartHomeSolver

In addition, people aren’t used to looking at higher locations in a home so the home invaders are much less likely to look up at a plant on a higher shelf to detect the camera.

In Plain Sight

A camera hidden among your bookshelf could be the last thing a thief notices.

Slim cameras can easily nestle between books, offering protection in plain sight while keeping the aesthetic of your room intact.

Thieves aren’t coming for your books… and I’m guessing they’re not big “readers” – so you can really place these in any location very easily and hide the cam with any number of books placed in any configuration you need it to be in.

Stuffed Animals

YouTube; SmartHomeSolver

A child’s room might seem an unlikely place for surveillance, but a camera nestled inside a stuffed animal can be an effective and discreet observer.

You can remove a stuffed animal’s eye and replace it with the camera or use the shell of the eye as a cover for the camera’s lens.

Just be sure to position the stuffed “ani-cam” so it has a clear view of the most likely area a criminal could be seen while blending perfectly with its cuddly surroundings and it’s best not to defile your child’s “best friend” that would now be missing an eyeball.


YouTube; SmartHomeSolver

An outdoor camera hidden inside a birdhouse blends seamlessly into your yard.

It watches over your outdoor spaces without drawing attention, just like a quiet sentinel perched among the branches.

These can be discreetly placed anywhere you want to have recorded and can even be placed outside on a tree, looking into your home for even sneakier observation of interior spots that don’t demand a higher level of privacy.

Tissue Boxes

A common household item like a tissue box can become a strategic hiding spot.

Fit a small camera inside, using one-way reflective paper to cover it.

It’s an everyday object that no one will think twice about, yet it keeps a vigilant eye on your space.

Technology Is On Your Side – If You Know What To Look For!

Here’s How To Choose The Best Mini “Spy-Cam” For Protecting Your Home Against An Attack…

The mini WiFi camera is a marvel of modern surveillance technology.

Its compact size and advanced features make it an excellent choice for security without compromise – but they’re not all built the same…

First, clarity of the picture is one of the most important features you want to look for.

A fuzzy image may not be enough to allow police to get a good enough identity on a home invader to charge them with a crime… nor enough detail to convince a jury they’re guilty.

You want to find a camera with at least a 10 megapixel resolution to be able to pick out high-definition identifying features on the criminal.

Also, since most criminals like to use the cover of darkness to disguise their break-in, you should definitely use one that comes with night vision capability, ensuring clarity in low light conditions.

WiFi connectivity is another feature that allows you to access real-time footage from anywhere, providing peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.

And if you’re not all that “techy” (I’m not), you’re in luck because most of these tiny spy-cams are now pretty much just “plug-and-record”.

Finally, while professional cameras may be hard-wired into a home security plan, I prefer cameras that can be moved around and can be used both plugged-in and unplugged so that you can take one or more with you when traveling.

Another feature that makes this easier is having a cam that’s “motion-activated” so it doesn’t use up all of the storage area and will only turn on when it notices movement in the viewing area.

Again, there are many cameras out on the market that “can” accomplish these goals for your home security.

One popular option is the “Google Nest” cameras that run about $150 each.

These can integrate with other platform electronics you have – like your thermostat, television, and even your light bulbs – but Google and other big tech companies have received a lot of negative attention lately as it’s been discovered that their technology has been secretly “spying” on homeowners themselves, using their actions and even conversations for marketing purposes!

Personally, I think there are better options that don’t cost as much and will better protect you from having your own privacy invaded by the same technology that’s supposed to be “protecting” you.

Nighthawk SpyCam
Nighthawk SpyCam

One version that I’ve purchased is the “NightHawk Cloak Cam” that’s super tiny at only 1″ x 1″ x 1″ and extremely affordable.

What I like about it – besides its size – is that it has a 12 megapixel resolution for high-definition and has night-vision capability built-in.

But probably the feature I like best is that, charged up, it can be removed from any and you can take it with you as a “go cam” by attaching it to your bodyput it in your vehicle for recording in and around you while you travel… and even use it in hotel rooms or other travel locations to keep yourself safe no matter where you go.

As you consider the best ways to integrate hidden cameras into your home security strategy, remember the importance of selecting the right equipment – but also find ways to cleverly incorporate cameras into your decor so they’re not seen.

How Sneaky Can You Get?

What Other “Secret Hiding Spots” Do You Think Are Good Locations For Hidden Spy-Cams That Your Fellow Readers Can Use?

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The post See If You Can Find These 7 Sneaky Hidden “Spy-Cam” Spots In <u>Your</u> Home appeared first on Warrior Life | Urban Survival | Close Quarters Combat | Tactical Firearms Training | Live Life Like A Warrior.