There are few moments more terrorizing in a person’s imagination than facing a brutal attack at the hands of 2, 3, 4 or more thugs with no regard for mercy.

Whether you’re targeted by gang members looking for an easy victim… or somebody’s buddies jump you in order to help out their friend during a confrontation… this disparity of force puts you in mortal danger.

To survive against multiple attackers, you not only need the combat tactics that will quickly take your attackers out of the fight in the shortest time possible… you also need to get your head in “attack mode”.

Make no mistake…

When Facing 2, 3, 4 Or More Hostile Adversaries, Winning The Fight Begins With Taking Control Of Their Brains! And You Really Should…

Copy This Bouncer’s “Mind Game” Playbook For Making Multiple Attackers Think Twice About Messing With You…

The “Fear Factor” Domino Effect

I know it sounds impossible to overcome the confidence of a group of gangbangers and make them rue the day they ever decided to put you in their crosshairs…

…but it’s really all just a matter of understanding their tactics and using them against them.

You see, most criminals are creatures of opportunity.

They want to get what they seek from their victims the easy way, and so they choose targets they feel won’t give them a hard time and put up a fight – a patsy.

Now when a group of guys face off against you, there’s usually an “alpha male” – front man who will take the lead in confronting you.

Your first job is to identify who will be the first aggressor you’ll drop if things go south and you’re not able to diffuse the situation.

This “alpha” may be the person who’s in the best position to initiate a physical assault against you… or he may just be distracting you with talk while his friends work their way around you to take you out.

Either way, this will be the member of the group who will be “center stage” and his actions will be getting the most attention from the rest of his crew.

Once you’ve identified the primary threat, it’s time to take action and throw their brains into “panic mode”…

Instilling Fear In Your Attackers

Keep your head.

The “psychology” of a real fight is just as important (if not more!) than the physical tactics you’ll use if you have to defend yourself.

They want an easy target – so you have to send them the message loud and clear that you’re not going to be an easy target!

It all begins with your language – both verbal and non-verbal…

They’re already confident in their numbers and they’ll be watching and listening to you to see if and when they should attack.

Don’t be squeemish.

With your body “bladed” (but not in “fighting stance” and not “cowering” either) use a confident, authoritative tone of voice and command them…

“Back off! Come at me and I’ll rip your nose right off your f*cking face!”

But here’s the thing…

you’ve got to mean it… and believe it yourself if you’re going to also get them to believe that you can really do it.

You ain’t begging and you ain’t bluffing.

You’re telling them exactly what’s going to happen if they don’t back off.

The Animal You Must Become

Look, I don’t care if you’ve never missed a Sunday of church in your life… surviving a multiple-attacker assault isn’t for the squeamish.

You’ve got to say hateful, horrible, profane things.

That may not be who you are in “real life”… but it’s who you’ve got to be for the few seconds that this attack is going to last.

If you target and take out the alpha male in a group, then the others will hopefully (and quickly!) realize they haven’t chosen the easy target they thought they had.

Their next move is critical.

If they back off, great – get the hell out of Dodge!

But if they call your threat, you’ll know it… and now it’s time to start viciously dropping one or two of the group, whomever is closest, whomever you can deal with most brutally,

At this point, it’s simple math…

If you’re facing three guys and you drop one, well, now you’re only facing two, and the odds have just dramatically increased in your favor.

If you drop two out of three of them, the last one would have to be an idiot to stick around.

Of course you still need the hand-to-hand tactics to quickly destroy an attacker with just one or two “power moves”.

But that’s a conversation for another time. 🙂

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The post “Street Fight Psychology”: Bouncer-Proven Mind-Games To Make Multiple Attackers Think Twice About Messing With You! first appeared on Warrior Life | Urban Survival | Close Quarters Combat | Tactical Firearms Training | Live Life Like A Warrior.

The post “Street Fight Psychology”: Bouncer-Proven Mind-Games To Make Multiple Attackers Think Twice About Messing With You! appeared first on Warrior Life | Urban Survival | Close Quarters Combat | Tactical Firearms Training | Live Life Like A Warrior.