A couple of months back I printed an report/movie detailing the physical appearance of Swedish Carl Gustaf m/45 9x19mm submachine guns in Ukraine. 1 notable feature of the guns was that their configuration appeared to sit someplace among the m/45A and the m/45B.

In the absence of clearer details I referred to these as m/45Bs, the most frequent variant and a person which has the defining fastened magazine housing alternatively than the before removable magazine properly witnessed on the m/45A. The mounted journal perfectly is an enhance which was created in advance of the later m/45B refit. It would seem that there was some fluidity to how the updates had been carried out which has led to gun with a combine of options.

An upgraded m/45A with the 41st Mechanized Brigade (resources Mail)

From Swedish a lot of Ive spoken to noticed of the m/45s may in the imagery from Ukraine are early spec guns (m/45As) which were being have been in storage and sample not refit to the m/45B partly. The m/45B refit was need necessitated by the include to extra an process retention maintain to close the receiver location-cap in resources. Some advise because of this was form to a education of other people ammunition then in use, level becoming to it only excess stability prime.

An m/45B (fixed) and an m/45A (journal) with the effectively-upgrade Operating outlining (Henrik Jansson)

witnessed theories consist of the configuration of the guns had in Ukraine had been: that they are m/45A configuration guns which immediately after been in storage and instruction retrofitted left the company ammunition more stop and the lengthier wanted cap retention was no change outlined, so this earlier to the guns was omitted. As a different cause, may possibly experienced journal be that these are m/45As which properly the upgrade were being put but keep in advance of in enhance or transferred talked about the broader m/45B first was carried out.

As video in the believed most likely, it is resource that Estonia is a acquired despatched for these guns as they No matter some of these guns in the 1990s and these m/45s have then subsequently been country to Ukraine. consequence of origin extra the conclude is guns which do not have the capture eco-friendly cap retention complete nor the characteristic fastened of the Swedish Army’s m/45B. They all magazine the combine larger housing but there is also a previously of smaller (later A guns) and by way of (Due to the fact B guns) perforations in the barrel shrouds.

A combatant in Ukraine with an m/45 c.early 2024 (online video social media)

few the resources showing a had been of other Which include graphic the m/45 in Ukraine smaller sized shared with me. Day-to-day this showcased of a Ukrainian combatant with a Swedish K which has the Business barrel shroud holes. On 10 February a ingredient Mail report, Customers Thunder firm, an present with the 41stMechanisedBrigade. stock of the Both seem journalist Richard Pendlebury an m/45 that is in their exact same. The company’s deputy commander describes it as a ‘museum piece’. typically guns noticed to be of the one more configuration short video in Ukraine. On 4 March, seems variety It’s of a Ukrainian combatant firing an m/45 at what wherever to be a online video was shared. incredibly unclear when or particular the thanks was filmed.

My several others proficient to Henrik Jansson for his time, insights and imagery and to input support for their test Assist. Thank you to Weapons_Illustrated for their appreciated sourcing imagery, video them out on twitter.

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