Imagine a post-collapse world where chaos reigns.

Police and local government have been replaced by lawless gangs, looters, and militias.

The strong prey on the weak and – in a battle over whatever scraps of food, water, and other resources are left – it’s every man, woman and family for themselves.

In such a world, there is no more “rule of law”.

No one is coming to “save you”!

Your ability to defend yourself, your family, and your supplies will come down to your mind-set, your weapons, and of course – your skills!

And while a firearm will always be the ultimate “man-stopper” in a time of local ammo stores and gunsmiths – the reality of a post-collapse environment is that your guns can breakbecome inoperable due to environmental conditions… be stolen or confiscated… or simply run out of ammunition, leaving you with little more than a giant paperweight.

In this world, the machete reigns supreme as the ultimate survival weapon – and…

These 3 Legendary Myamoto Musashi Duels Will Make You Virtually Invincible On The Post-Collapse Battlefield!

Miyamoto Musashi is widely recognized as Japan’s greatest swordsman of the Samurai era.

His life-and-death duels demanded not just superior skill over his enemies, but the ability to think strategically and adapt swiftly to the dynamics of close-quarters combat.

Likewise, in the harsh, unyielding chaos and violence of a world crumbled into chaos, you also need more than just weapons.

You need the mindset and strategies of a legendary warrior to stay alive – and three of Musashi’s most famous duels can offer you some powerful tactics on your path to being a true “blade-master”…and make you virtually invincible on the post-collapse battlefield.

Musashi Vs. Seijuro: The Secret To Winning Without Killing

It was a crisp morning on March 8, 1604, outside the serene Rendaiji Temple in Northern Kyoto.

The air was thick with tension as two formidable warriors prepared to face off.

Miyamoto Musashi, a rising star in the world of swordsmanship, had challenged Yoshioka Seijuro, the master of the Yoshioka School and head of the Yoshioka family.

The stakes were high, and honor was on the line… but this wasn’t a “duel to the death” and both warriors had agreed to fight with bokuto, wooden swords, and that the victor would be decided by a single decisive blow.

On the day of the duel, Musashi, known for his unorthodox strategies, arrived late.

This “disrespectful act” was a calculated move by Musashi to insult and unnerve Seijuro…

… and it worked!

Seijuro, already anxious, lost his temper, his composure shattered by Musashi’s disrespect.

As they took their on-guard positions, you could cut the tension with a katana.

In an instant, Musashi struck, his wooden sword connecting with Seijuro’s left shoulder with a resounding crack, knocking him off his feet and breaking his arm.

The duel was over.

Musashi had won – not by killing – but by disarming and disabling his opponent.

Seijuro, tormented by the dishonor of his defeat, retired from the warrior’s life and became a monk.

The Yoshioka family, disgraced, passed the mantle of vengeance to Seijuro’s brother, Denshichiro.

“Collapse Combat” Lesson:
Prep For Non-Lethal Options

In a post-collapse world, the return of the “rule of law” is likely inevitable, and you may have to answer for the actions you take during the chaos.

Besides, engaging with a hungry “beggar” who is simply looking for a small morsel of food will be different than engaging with a squad of redneck rebels armed with axes on your front porch.

Sometimes, disabling an opponent is enough to ensure your safety without the lasting consequences of taking a life.

Armed with a machete, just a simple rotation of the handle in your hand will instantly change your machete’s striking surface from the sharp blade-edge to the unsharpened top edge.

This technique can break bones without causing fatal injuries, allowing you to defend your home, family, and supplies effectively while avoiding a pile of bodies in your backyard.

Musashi vs. Denshichiro: The Duel That Defined Decisive Action

In the heart of Kyoto’s Higashiyama District, nestled among the thousand statues of Kannon at the Sanjusangendo Temple, an epic showdown was about to unfold…

Yoshioka Denshichiro, in his quest to regain his school and family’s honor and avenge his brother’s defeat at the hands of Musashi, challenged the swordsman to a duel to the death.

On the day of the duel, Denshichiro, armed with a staff reinforced with steel rings, awaited Musashi’s arrival with growing impatience.

As with his previous battle, Musashi arrived late again – calm and composed – and wielding only a wooden sword for the deadly duel.

This calculated double-insult unnerved his opponent and gained Musashi yet another psychological edge.

The tension was electric as the two warriors took their positions.

Musashi, mentally, technically, and physically superior, didn’t waste any time…

In the split-second of the duel’s start, Musashi struck with incredible speed and precision.

With a single, fatal blow to Denshichiro’s head, the duel was over as quickly as it had begun, with Musashi emerging victorious once more.

“Collapse Combat” Lesson:
Fast, Decisive Action!

Musashi’s duel with Denshichiro teaches us the critical importance of speed and quick-thinking on the battlefield.

Even though Musashi knew he was superior in strength and skill, he didn’t toy with his opponent.

In a post-collapse scenario, hesitation can be deadly. The chaos of a fight can attract other threats, and you must dispatch your enemy quickly and efficiently to minimize your risk.

When using a machete, aim for swift, powerful strikes that incapacitate your opponent immediately.

Musashi Vs. Matashichiro: Lessons In Defeating Multiple Attackers

In the aftermath of his victory over Yoshioka Denshichiro, Miyamoto Musashi faced a new challenge from an unlikely opponent…

Having lost two heads of the family to Musashi, the Yoshioka Clan declined into despair – their honor and reputation in tatters.

Desperation had now passed the burden of vengeance down to the Clan’s 12-year-old Yoshioka Matashichiro.

Yet, knowing that the young boy was no match for the now legendary skills of Musashi, the Clan decided to take drastic measures…

The duel was set at the Ichijoji Temple, but Musashi knew better than to expect a “fair fight” – and devised his own strategy.

Knowing the boy would expect him to show up late, as was Musashi’s custom, he instead arrived early – silently hiding in some nearby bushes as he waited for his challenger to show.

And “show” Matashichiro did…

The 12-year old arrived in full battle armor and several heavily-armed warriors from his Clan, loaded with swords, bows, and even rifles.

Oblivious to Musashi’s presence, the men hid themselves in preparation for an ambush while the young boy stood in the open as the “bait” for their trap.

Musashi lay in wait…

When the boy and his men’s guard was down, Musashi sprung from his position… drew his sword… and charged the boy, cutting off his head in a single blow!

The Clan’s warriors – shocked by the explosive defeat of their planned ambush – surrounded Musashi to prevent him from escaping.

Musashi stood his ground!

Outnumbered and surrounded, he grabbed a second blade, marking the first recorded instance of his unique “2-sword” fighting style, vastly different than the traditional Samurai method of wielding a single sword with two hands.

The Yoshioka Clan, confident in their numbers, weren’t prepared for Musashi’s dual-blade onslaught.

With one sword in each hand, Musashi created a 360-degree defense and offense, expertly dispatching his adversaries as he engaged multiple attackers simultaneously.

His fluid movements and unmatched skill allowed him to cut through the ambush, defeating Matashichiro and the clan’s warriors.

Musashi’s dual-blade technique proved to be revolutionary, securing his place as an undefeated legend in Japanese history with over 60 confirmed sword fight victories.

“Collapse Combat” Lesson:
360-Degree Lethality

Musashi’s development of the dual-blade technique underscores the importance of expecting and preparing for multiple attackers in any post-collapse conflict.

In multiple attacker scenarios, not all weapons are created equal.

However, Musashi’s unique two-blade style allowed him to fight effectively in all directions, taking on multiple combatants at once.

For modern survival, wielding a single machete is powerful… but mastering the use of two machetes can make you virtually invincible in close-quarters melee combat.

This has been the same experience I’ve had with my study and development of the “Combat Machete” long-blade system – leading to a similar approach to Musashi’s by wielding two machetes in a 360-degree pattern that both protects you from attacks on all sides, while also allowing you the advantage of being able to capitalize on open targets on any attacker in your range.

This unique, battle-proven approach ensures you’re prepared for any threat from any direction, turning you into a formidable force on the battlefield.

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When the hordes of desperate, hungry “zombies” have blown through all their ammo fighting over the last package of Top Ramen, they’ll be coming at you with “melee weapons” – and there’s only one weapon that’s been proven in real-world combat to claim the title as the “ultimate survival weapon”…

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Calling All Musashi Fans: What Other Duels Or Tactics Can Offer Combat Advice For Post-Collapse Chaos?

Please Share Your Observations In The Comments Below…



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