The use of red dot sights for handguns has developed in new years, altering the way shooters strategy targeting and precision. From aggressive shooting to private defense, these equipment can be easily mounted on many handgun products, providing precision and an added degree of safety in dynamic circumstances.

But what just are purple dots, how do they function, and what are their principal advantages and negatives? In this posting, you will understand about them, as properly as how to zero in a pink dot sight, which is of utmost significance for working with their likely. Retain examining.

What Is a Crimson Dot Sight?


Crimson dot sight or RDS is an optic, built to support shooters purpose at their concentrate on by projecting a solitary focal airplane pink dot. Typically a purple dot is employed at nearer distances about 100 yards or much less.

Purple dots have been all over considering the fact that the 1970s. On the other hand, they have only develop into common with handgun people in the past 10 decades with quite a few gun manufacturers supplying the uncomplicated set up of these equipment on their handguns.

The red dots are not usually dots. They may well be in some other condition like a greater circle, chevron, crosshair or triangle. And they are not usually red, often they are inexperienced.

Varieties of Purple Dot Sights

There are two kinds of red dot sights:

  • Standard and economical reflex sights use LEDs to venture a dot onto lenses.
  • Holographic sights use a laser that bounces off mirrors inside a tube and doesn&#8217t rely on lenses. These are only built for rifles.

How Does a Pink Dot Sight Operate?

Pink Dot Sights work by projecting a vivid crimson stage onto two curved lenses. The crimson dot is noticeable in the shooter&#8217s line of sight, permitting them to speedily place the goal.

The RDS sits above the slide and is mounted on the handgun by way of a dovetail mount, Picatinny rail, or other. Prior to use, shooters have to know how to zero in the sight. This suggests adjusting it so the dot aligns specifically with the issue of influence when aiming at a certain distance.

The dimension of the aiming stage is calculated in units termed MOA (minute of angle). MOA exhibits how a lot of inches the dot will include on a focus on that stands 100 yards away. For illustration, a 6 MOA dot will go over 6 inches at 100 yards. Scaled-down MOA numbers imply a scaled-down, far more exact aiming dot. Several sights for pistols use a 6 MOA dot for less difficult close target acquisition.

How Does a Red Dot Sight Work

Professionals and Disadvantages of Crimson Dot Sights

There is a cause why red dot sights are so popular: they are quick, accurate, and simple to use (if you know how). Nevertheless, they also have a couple down sides. Let&#8217s go over equally.


  • Solitary focal airplane: When making use of a purple dot sight, shooters appear via the dot whilst speedily focusing on the goal, which is the rationale why they are so efficient. It is natural, as the human eye tends to concentrate on one particular factor at a time, and useful when you have to resolve the concentrate on speedily in stress filled conditions.
  • Each eyes stay open up: You can see substantially far more of the focus on place by way of the sight window. Dependent on how significantly away the focus on is, you can generally see the total goal as well as the bordering region via that window, with just the little red dot hovering over the level exactly where you want to intention.
  • Precision: With suitable zeroing, purple dot sights offer you exceptional accuracy.
Pros and Cons of Red Dot Sights


For first-time shooters, it could feel like the dot moves when they go their head. This is known as parallax &#8211 you go your head remaining or right from the heart and the dot looks like it is also shifting left or right even though, in point, it is nonetheless on the focus on.

On the other hand, most of today’s RDS are made parallax-free &#8211 stay away from acquiring more mature and less costly RDS products as they may have reliability troubles.

  • Battery dependency: Red dots are trustworthy on battery lifetime, so it could be a challenge if you are in the condition with no actual access to your dot.
  • Fragility: The glass on purple dot sights can split.
  • Fogging: You might be in the scenarios (like temperature improvements) that result in the lenses to fog up. H2o and debris can injury the sight, influencing its clarity.
  • Parallax at extreme angles: Even though minimized, some parallax exists at extreme angles.
  • Don’t offer you zoom: RDS never supply zoom so if you require a person, you have to select other types of optics.
  • Holster compatibility: Adding pink dot sight might limit your holster possibilities.
  • Price: Superior-high quality purple dot sights can be high-priced.
  • Require schooling: Transitioning from iron sights to a pink dot can take time and teaching to adapt.

How to Sight in a Crimson Dot (Phase by Move)

Recognizing how to zero a pink dot sight on your gun is the most critical portion of applying it. Zeroing indicates that you align the red dot (the level of aim) with exactly where the bullet hits the target (the issue of affect). So you have to make changes to the red dot&#8217s windage and elevation.

Phase 1

Right before you start, you&#8217ll need to have a secure shooting system like a bench, a goal with a exact aiming place, and your pistol with the purple dot sight put in. Established up your focus on at a fair length (10-15 yards for handguns).

Action 2

Load the gun with a couple of rounds and just take your time shooting a team at the center of the concentrate on. Don&#8217t stress if your 1st shot isn&#8217t flawlessly centered.

Move 3

Soon after taking pictures the rounds, see where by your pictures have impacted the goal relative to your issue of intention. If the group is centered, your pink dot is presently sighted in. If it is off-heart, you&#8217ll want to change the windage and elevation.

Action 4

Most purple dot sights have knobs or screws labeled for windage (left/proper) and elevation (up/down) adjustments. Examine the guidance to determine the adjustment benefit for every single click (e.g., 1 simply click = 1 MOA or 1 inch at 100 yards). Switch the windage knob in the course you want your position of impact to shift horizontally. Change the elevation knob in the way you want your position of influence to go vertically.

Stage 5

Right after making the changes, shoot one more round and see the new level of impact. Repeat the process of capturing teams and building changes right up until your points of intention and effects align.

Wrap Up

In the latest decades, red dot sights for handguns have redefined specific shooting and grow to be a worthwhile accent, irrespective of whether for sporting or self-defense causes. If you are new to red dot sights, try to remember that practice is every little thing. The moment you understand how to sight in a red dot properly, you can love speedier focusing on and additional exact taking pictures. Normally bear in mind to periodically confirm your zero, as optics can shift or alter over time.

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