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Part 1 in our multi part comparison of the Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle and the Robinson Armament XCR. Both rifles were designed for the SCAR program which was won by the FN Herstal SCAR. When the ACR was entered into the program it was originally known as the MAGPUL Masada. You can see that the ACR, XCR, and FN SCAR have similarities to them based off of the requirements of the SCAR program. Both the ACR and XCR are piston driven systems with the ACR being short stroke and th eXCR being long stroke, and both rifles fire 5.56 NATO from STANAG compliant magazines.

To watch 'Bushmaster ACR vs Robinson Armament XCR - Part 2 of 3 - Range' click here; https://hoplitetactical.com/videos/firearm-reviews/124-bushmaster-acr-vs-robinson-armament-xcr-part-2-of-3-range

To watch 'Bushmaster ACR vs Robinson Armament XCR - part 3 of 3 - Conclusion' click here; https://hoplitetactical.com/videos/firearm-reviews/126-bushmaster-acr-vs-robinson-armament-xcr-part-3-of-3-conclusion