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We get Matt out to the range to shoot a pistol for his first time. The pistol he uses is a German Sig Sauer P226. Before the camera started we discussed proper form and how to hold the pistol, which we go through again as Matt loads the pistol.

To see Matt shoot an AR-15 for his first time watch this video; https://hoplitetactical.com/videos/firearm-reviews/153-matt-shooting-an-ar-15-for-his-first-time-intro2shooting

This video is part of the #Intro2Shooting series that we are doing, where we introduce new shooters to firearms or a new kind of firearm and share it to social media with the hashtag #Intro2Shooting. Remember when you're sharing your pictures and videos to share them among common pro-gun hashtags such as #Intro2Shooting. To see the original concept video go here; https://hoplitetactical.com/videos/action-education-and-politics/140-changing-the-culture-introduce-new-shooters-intro2shooting

Click here for our 'Changing the culture with videos and pictures' video in the #Intro2Shooting series; https://hoplitetactical.com/videos/photo-and-video-production/152-changing-the-culture-with-videos-and-pictures