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We unveil a rifle that we got in for testing and review, a Swiss Arms SG 551sp, otherwise known in Canada as a Classic Green Carbine. The genuine Swiss Arms rifles are world renowned for their to hell and back reliability and are a far better produced rifle than the US produced Sig clones that have a similar appearance to these rifles such as the 551A1.

This rifle has been re-barreled in order to comply with Canadian barrel length laws that make it non-restricted. Being non-restricted means that the rifle can be taken out and shot in legal areas such as private and crown land, and outside of a designated shooting range. Non-restricted rifles are also not registered, where as restricted rifles are registered and can only be shot in a designated shooting range.

Specs of the rifle are;

  • Long Stroke Gas Piston System.
  • 1 in 8 twist stainless steel barrel.
  • 5.56 NATO Chambering.
  • Rotating drum diopter sights.
  • Foldable stock.
  • Detachable box magazine.

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