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We shoot 100 meter groups with the Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply Modern Varminter Rifle. Ammunition used was Agulia .223 Remington 55grain FMJ. We fired 5 shot groups, into 5 separate circles of the target.

The ambidextrous controls are taking some getting used to, and I send the bolt forward a couple of times instead of dropping the magazine. This does allow me to demonstrate that the bolt can be locked up with one hand using your left hand to pull the charging handle and press the bolt hold open. This rifle was built for precision and is soft shooting, but as a trade off for that it is heavy. Stay tuned for more videos with the ATRS Modern Varminter including a full review.

The group sizes were;
2.3cm center group or 0.90 inch
3.65cm bottom left group or 1.43 inch
2.3cm bottom right group or 0.90 inch
2.6cm top right group or 1.02 inch
1.35cm top left group or 0.53 inch
Average group size 2.44cm, or 0.96 inch

The Modern Varminter Rifle is equipped with;
Nightforce Optics​ 2.5-10x32 NPR-2 reticle
Magpul Industries Corp. Pmag
KFS Industries​ Tacmod Stock
Precision Reflex Inc. (PRi)​ Handguard
Versa-Pod Bipod​ BiPod
Alberta Tactical Rifle Precision Matched Rings