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Andrea, from Amazing-Andrea shoots an AR-15 for her first time. She's shooting a Colt Canada (Diemaco) C8 Integrated Upper Receiver (IUR) AR-15 rifle. The Leupold Optics Mark 6, 1-6x20 scope that is on the rifle acted as a red dot and aided in her shooting experience by giving her a easy to pick up reticle. We're going to be featuring other pro-gun YouTubers to help strengthen and build the community.

Andrea is a recoil sensitive shooter, so after building her up on a .22lr rifle she's graduated to an AR-15. The AR-15 being a soft shooting rifle is a great next step and she did excellent for her first time. This is part of our effort to change the culture of gun ownership and to responsibly introduce new shooters to the sport and lifestyle of gun ownership.