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We received our Sport Ear Custom Edge 60 custom made earplug electronic hearing protection and unbox and set them up in this video. The earplugs have a noise reduction rating of 27 decibels to protect your hearing from damaging noise that may cause hearing loss, while simultaneously offering 36 DB of volume enhancement. It offers protection and enhancment simultaneously by digitally compressing any noise above 85 decibels down to 85 DB. This is unlike most hearing electronic hearing proteciton on the market today that offer protection by momentarily cutting out entirely, where as the Custom Edge 60's don't cut out at all giving you total situational awareness during the moment of noise. They are very comfortable being made of allergy free surgical acrylic, and custom fit to your ear canal.

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Find the Sport Ear custom edge 60 at; https://www.sportear.com/products/custom-edge-60