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We conclude the torture testing of the Holosun Red Dot 403A Optic by shooting it with 12 gauge lead bird shot. Firearm used to shoot the Holosun Red Dot is a Benelli M4 using Federal Premium 2-3/4" shells of 7-1/2 lead shot.

Also covered is how to evaluate your Holosun Red Dot out of the box after purchase. Why the Red Dot turns off after 5 minutes. Any structural and hardware weak points, and our final thoughts after over a year of testing the optic.

Holosun Red Dot Optic Torture Test - Part 1: http://hoplitetactical.com/videos/111-holosun-red-dot-optic-torture-test-part-1-range-testing-and-impact-resistance

Holosun Red Dot Optic Torture Test - Part 2: http://hoplitetactical.com/videos/113-holosun-red-dot-optic-torture-test-part-2-submersion-abrasion-freezing

Holosun Red Dot Optic Torture Test - Part 3: http://hoplitetactical.com/videos/115-holosun-red-dot-optic-torture-test-part-3-heat-testing