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This is our in depth review of the Bushnell AR/223 1-4x24 Optic with the BTR-1 first focal plane reticle. The Bushnell AR/223 line is an entry level optic that can suit multiple roles and has a bullet drop compensation reticle meant for AR-15 rifles. With the Bullet drop compensation and maximum magnification of 4 power it is very well suited for use of 300 yards or closer. In this video we have it mounted on a Colt Canada Integrated Upper Receiver (IUR) 15.7" AR-15 rifle. In the shooting portions of the review we use a High Speed Gear Battlebelt with High Speed Gear magazine tacos.

Some of the scenes used in this review come from the X-Drill video. To see that video in full go here; https://hoplitetactical.com/videos/firearm-reviews/141-colt-canada-c8-integrated-upper-receiver-iur-x-drill
To see Matt shoot an AR-15 for his first time watch this video that features the Colt Canada IUR 15.7"; https://hoplitetactical.com/videos/firearm-reviews/153-matt-shooting-an-ar-15-for-his-first-time-intro2shooting

Our initial tabletop review of the Colt Canada IUR, upper receiver only; https://hoplitetactical.com/videos/firearm-reviews/114-colt-canada-ar-15-integrated-upper-receiver-iur-upper-tabletop-review