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We discuss the main differences between First Focal Plane (FFP) and Second Focal Plane (SFP) rifle optics. Shown in this video are the areas of all variable magnification rifle optics that are the first focal and second focal plane sections of the optic, and what differentiates the areas based on location from the erector assembly. Both optics have a role in todays shooting disciplines, it's just up to the shooter to know what role they need to fill with what optic. We talk about the pros and cons of each style of optic in order to better point someone in the right direction of either a FFP or SFP rifle optic.

Watch more of our optic review videos in this playlist; https://hoplitetactical.com/videos/optics-and-accessories

To watch the unboxing of the Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20mm optic click here; https://hoplitetactical.com/videos/optics-and-accessories/186-leupold-mark-6-1-6x20mm-cmr-w-5-56-rifle-scope-optic-unboxing

To watch our initial impressions of the Leupold VX-R 1.25-4x20mm optic click here; https://hoplitetactical.com/videos/optics-and-accessories/169-leupold-vx-r-1-25-4x20mm-initial-review-and-impression

The Leupold VX-R 1.25-4x20mm is mounted in Nightforce Ultralite 30mm rings, and the Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20mm is mounted in Alberta Tactical Ultra-light 34mm rings. Both sets of rings were purchased at; http://albertatacticalrifle.com/