The “Bang Saber” is a flashbang for civilian use. It could possibly not be rather as powerful as a navy or LE Noise Flash Diversionary Machine (NFDD), but it has the distinct advantage of staying both of those a reusable and a civilian legal flashbang. Listed here is the release.

TS Bang Saber Civilian Flash Bang

St. Peters, MO

For Quick Launch

If you have at any time thrown an M-84 or CTS 9-Banger at your working day career, you will like those. If you’ve at any time banged anyone in an FPS game, you will like these. Reality is, whether or not you’re likely FISHing (Combating In Someone’s Dwelling) or trying to liven up a unexciting cotillion, you’re heading to like these. 

Area warlords: get flashbangs on the net!

The TS Bang Saber 2. civilian legal reusable flashbang is produced for Tactical Sh!t by Helius Engineering. It is for teaching, “distracting,” or just for exciting. The 2. bangs just as hard as its predecessor but is now slimmer and significantly lighter. Ounces equal lbs ., and pounds equivalent pain… specially when you’re banging a person. 




Bang Saber

The Bang Saber is created in the Usa. It makes use of a 12 gauge or 9mm blank or a 209 primer for ignition. Just load the blank or primer into the overall body, get rid of the pin, and toss the machine exactly where you want it. 

You are going to get a dazzling flash, some smoke, and an approximate “bang” sound close to the 120-160db stage. The exact sum of candela and decibels will rely on the style of blank utilized. 

Here are a few points to know about the Saber flashbang for civilian use: 

  • No training or certification will need to purchase (purchase flashbangs on line!).
  • Minimal quantities are available thanks to maker issue with supplies: if they’re out when you check out to purchase just one, sign up for notifications.
  • Must indication a liability waiver to purchase.

12 Gauge Blanks

The Bang Saber ignites making use of a blank cartridge like these 12 gauge blanks. It will also use 9mm blanks.

Flash/Sound Diversionary Gadgets

Capt. John Kolman, Ret. (LAPD D Platoon SWAT) and Cmdr Sid Recover, Ret (LACSD Special Enforcement Bureau) outlined an NFDD in a paper for the Justice Department, as you’ll browse under. Opposite to the frequent vernacular, it is not a “flash bang grenade.” It could not be a grenade in the traditional sense and nevertheless be labeled a much less lethal unit. 

What is a flashbang? “A flash/bang diversionary machine provides a loud bang with a brilliant light-weight that is intended to lead to confusion and distraction to present a tactical group with a couple seconds of edge.”

Which is what the Bang Saber does. Get your arms on one particular or a several!

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