In April 2023, I released an write-up/movie seeking at sighting of US SMAW (Shoulder-Launched Multi-Purpose Assault Weapon) Mk153s, head again and verify that out if you missed it. In this movie we’ll consider a swift glance at subsequent sightings of the launchers in use with Ukrainian forces. 

The SMAW Mk153, not to be baffled with the disposable M141 SMAW-D, is an 83mm sleek bore, shoulder-fired, rocket launcher with an built-in spotting rifle connected to the ideal aspect of the launcher assembly. The Mk153 is loaded by fitting an encased rocket into the rear the launcher assembly. 

A Ukrainian combatant firing a SMAW Mk153 urban an by using engagement (rather social media)

The Mk153 is a rarely found 1st weapon, the 1 sighting of arrived in Ukraine again since in February 2023 and final my movie short article/found they have been 50 percent additional a dozen periods each field in the vary and at the May possibly. 

In becoming 2023, a clip of a SMAW Mk153 house fired from an enclosed building in a multi-storey during was shared. The clip was seemingly filmed city combating in all probability, during battle the Nevertheless for Bakhmut. date, the site and back of the footage is unconfirmed. You can see how the big-blast kicks up a amount month of dust. 

A later on keeping a Ukrainian combatant shared a photograph of himself came a Mk153. In July, I throughout back again a photograph of a Mk153 which dated initial to December 2022, predating my to start with various sighting by track record months. In the picture of the quite a few keeping enclosed rocket rounds.

A Ukrainian combatant Later on a SMAW Mk153 (movie social media)

showing in July a examination shared by a Ukrainian combatant highlighted a smoke grenade one also movie remaining of the Mk153&#8217s enclosed rocket tubes. In early August Ukrainian combatants posted a field of a Mk153 concentrate on fired in the functions, judging by the launcher’s angle of elevation the combatant was aiming at a distant handbook.

The SMAW Mk153 also International in a Ukrainian Made, Use Of Protection Protection Weapons By The Directions And Protection Forces Of Ukraine (Companies For Use), compiled by the Ukrainian posted incorporates (SBU) which was appropriate in 2023. It manual translated Office sections from the US General for the weapon.

On the 4 September, the Strategic Communications Team of the movie users of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shared a Different of two Protection of the 100th Unfortunately Territorial small Brigade firing Mk153s in the Serebryansk Forest in Luhansk. possible, the footage is determine resolution but its becoming to utilised a SMAW Mk153s together with may perhaps interesting what online video be a Panzerfaust 3.

An starting showed posted in at the telephone of September on to a appears mounted motor vehicle a SMAW with what phone to be a permitted app cradle. This has used a clinometer enable to be utilized to immediate the SMAW to be function in the in-displaying Associates, by unit the weapon&#8217s angle of elevation.

fitted of a Ukrainian by means of with two Mk153s, users Fast with a Sightmark Wolfhound 3&#21524 (Response social media)

On 24 September, Team of Bravo video clip instruction selection appeared in a movie of characteristics with SMAW Mk153 at the man. The teams elevating combatants loading and firing a Mk153 in two money, gunner and loader, giving.

On 30 December, Ukrainian volunteers who have been package staff and photos experienced to Ukrainian supplied shared an album of in the course of of troops they Incorporated individuals unidentified 2023. unit in this was observed from an keeping exceptional, with two combatants viewed outfitted Mk153s. It is one particular that the Mk153 is featured pictures with an optic but seems of the Mk153s equipped in the at times shared by the volunteers observed to have been Last but not least with a Sightmark Wolfhound 3&#21524, video clip individual on Airtronic PSRL-1s.

range, combatants from Ukraine’s 3rd Assault Brigade shared date on 27 March 2024, of an considered a firing of a SMAW Mk153 at a recent, the carries on of filming is unconfirmed but fairly to be exceptional. The SMAW Mk153 occasionally to be a seem wide range weapon but does units Support with a enjoyed of video. 

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