Initial off, this Isn’t about “politics”

Frankly, it doesn’t make any difference who’s in the massive chair at the White Dwelling when it arrives to the advancement of new methods Massive Brother can retain track of you, your private details, your buys, and now, something even more sinister has revealed alone.

In reality, getting a past profession in numerous sectors of the security industry and in operating with DHS on counterterrorism initiatives, I’ve warned you about this prior to.

But now there’s even a lot more evidence, and…

This Image Of The Jan 6 Cash Riot Should Scare The Bejeesus Out Of Any individual Who Values Their Particular Privacy And Freedoms…

Indeed, this picture exhibits just how straightforward it is for the U.S. govt to observe every person in the mob independently by means of their phones, the overall time they were in Washington.

This information and facts has been made use of to haul in each and every previous rioter as they ended up hunted down for questioning.

And they are not the only ones who are remaining “hunted”…

YOU, my fellow Warrior, are becoming tracked correct now and your personalized details is remaining shared on the “dark web”.

Make no miscalculation, your own movement and info CAN (and WILL) be utilised from you in so quite a few methods, it keeps some people up at night time, ready for the shoe to drop and find in the early morning that their private info has been breached… their computer hacked… or even their financial institution account emptied!

Fortuitously, I have a “secret disable key” you can use right now that will protect you.

But you have to use it NOW, right before any more of your knowledge gets shared with the improper people today.

How To Prevent The Federal government From Tracking Your Motion Via Your Sensible Phone…

You see, each individual “smart phone” comes previously implanted with a “tracking ID” that is precise to you and everything you do.

Some of it, you previously know, like what you shop for, what content articles you like, what Facebook adverts you click on on, and many others.

But there are also further identifiers that are secretly becoming tracked without your knowledge… Like exactly where you journey every one stage of your working day.

This consists of each individual intimate element of your whereabouts: gun stores, strip clubs, shooting ranges, fraternity meetings, espresso with a mate who may possibly unknowingly be on a “watch list”.

You get it, ideal?

Each individual one of these areas is a “ping” on the government’s radar that – at will – could be utilized to pin you to anything that you may not even know about.

And with a renewed concentration on “domestic terrorism” and the government’s possess documents that cite WHO could be viewed as an “enemy of the state” – exclusively:

  • Believing in the 2nd Modification
  • Storing absent “survival food”
  • Getting a lot more than 2 guns
  • Obtaining “excessive” amounts of ammo
  • Even opinions you make on Facebook!

Seem like anyone you know?

Yup, me way too!

Search, it’s additional essential than ever to safeguard your personalized privacy – for your personal safety.

And although I do love my smartphone for all the interesting stuff it allows me to do, it can also be your worst enemy when it arrives to govt snooping (through a pretty dangerous time).

Here’s A “Secret Key” To Disable Your Sensible Phone’s Tracking Device…

On an iPhone…

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Tap “Privacy”
  3. Pick “Tracking”
  4. Disable the choice that states “Allow Apps to Ask for to Track”

On an Android…

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Faucet “Google”
  3. Choose “Manage your Google Account”
  4. Select the “Data & personalization” tab from the account dashboard
  5. Scroll down till you discover Exercise Controls. In this article you are going to obtain the two choices that want to be disabled. Just toggle each to the “Off” situation.

Your Future Stage To Take Your Particular Information and facts “Off The Radar”…

Of program these are not the ONLY techniques you require to get for “complete protection”.

But your most essential first stage in defending your self and your individual details is to “think” differently about what your data, your on-line action, and now even your movement through the working day, may perhaps “say” about you.

Yes, it involves a smidgen of paranoia… but in a “good” way – a “prepared” way that reflects your awareness other individuals do not have (or treatment about) when it will come to the consequences of permitting the govt get much too close to your private life.

You see, there are all sorts of sneaky tips the authorities (and slimy entrepreneurs) are making use of to observe you and use your info without you being aware of it.

If you are as protective of your personalized information and facts as I am, you have to take these methods NOW since you and I each know that the governing administration will quit at almost nothing to invade our non-public lives for their personal advantage.

You’ve been warned (all over again).

What Other Measures Are You Getting To Protect Your Private Information?

Be sure to Really feel Absolutely free To Depart Your Guidelines Underneath Now…

Notice: Remember to do not share any political responses or views about Presidents or those existing at the US Money for the duration of the Jan. 6 riot. Warrior Daily life is (tries to be) an a-political model that thinks all citizens have a ideal to liberty, self-safety and self-reliance – no matter of any individual beliefs and choices.