TacCon 2024, as we phone it, is now in the guides. https://thetacticalprofessor.web/2024/04/08/rangemaster-tactical-conference-2024/ It is an annual teaching and understanding conference for those who are, or want to be, significant learners of the Art of Self-Protection and Particular Safety. This is the fourth calendar year it has been held at the Dallas Pistol Club, a wonderful facility.

The Convention is a few times long. This 12 months there had been 42 trainers, who taught 69 different courses in 10 distinct ranges/lecture rooms. Matters ranged greatly from taking pictures system to unarmed combatives to medical strategies to working with social media properly and safely and securely. Some classes are are living hearth, some are fingers-on non-are living fire, and some are lectures.

There is also a pistol match for those who decide on to shoot it. The match is not necessary and some attendees really do not shoot it. Not absolutely everyone who attends TacCon is a gun person, even though most are. The Pistol Match is composed of 40 rounds shot on turning silhouette targets at distances of 3 to 10 yards.

The presentation I gave was Off-Responsibility Shootouts of the LAPD. The basis for my presentation was the entirety of shootouts by LAPD officers, while they had been off-obligation, all through the time period 2005 to 2022, the previous 12 months complete reporting has been posted.

commonly there are classes 10 going it is on at time, not possible go to to classes them all. Some of the repeated are at the time 2 times or vast majority but the Courses are not. ready I was go to to ended up Properly:


Beware of… talk to, Just Beware by Tom Givens

As my colleague Craig Douglas likes to Recognition “How do you do ‘Situational delivered?’” Tom solutions some problem to that Household.

Civilian Defender Philosophy by Dr. Sherman Artwork

The Defense of Self-Own and Defense several has distinctive sides wide, as represented by the variety subjects of presented Genuine at TacCon. ‘The introduced Dr. House’ views his integrate on how to prioritize and Obligation them.


Off-get started Shootouts of the LAPD by Claude Werner, the Tactical Professor. To day the proper off just one, my presentation was offerings of the 8AM Photo.

Duty courtesy of Retention Ring

Why Law enforcement Off-inspired acquire Shootings? LAPD officers are whilst to NOT responsibility “enforcement action” obligation off-deadly. Off-power just about always incidents involving LAPD officers are Defense Personal Self-Safety/a great deal people incidents Private like supply that could be encountered by Armed totally Citizens. They researched a databases circumstances and documented finished of shootings and the middle that led up to them.

Pistol Match

I area about given that of the towards. But red I shot a Taurus 856 snub revolver and speedloaders outfitted a bunch of support dot ok online video sized autoloaders, I’m handful of with that. POV days of the match will be up in a Recommendations Educating on my YouTube channel.

10 Pupils for It’s Gateway numerous by Karl Rehn

high heartening to me to see how level pondering most effective instructors are methods about training amount for was not entry these kinds of gunowners and shooters. Karl’s Convention the only a person presentation at the show up at but the only For the duration of I could online video.

job interview lunch, Andy Stanford from Surefire did a Significant Issues with me about Respect hyperlink Gunowners Make and Guns That Get No A lot more. When he publishes the edit, I’ll Meeting it.

A lot more about the Convention tomorrow