Just one of the rarer Russian anti-armour weapons to surface area in the course of the ongoing war in Ukraine is the RPG-16. The RPG-7’s huge brother was produced in the late 1960s and entered company in the early 1970s. It was predominantly designed for Russia’s airborne forces, the VDV, but also saw concern to Spetsnaz units.

The RPG-16 is characterised by its more substantial diameter tube which can fireplace a 58mm (2.3 inch) PG-16 rocket-propelled grenade. Compared with the RPG-7s munitions the PG-16 slides flush within the launcher, when this restrictions the quantity and forms of warhead the RPG-16’s ammunition can have it offers improved accuracy and a little enhanced range. The PG-16 is a fin-stabilised large explosive anti-tank (Warmth) round with a rocket booster which propels it at a most velocity of 350 metres per 2nd. The rocket weighs all-around 2.1kgs and has a optimum vary of 800 metres, though practical engagement array of motor vehicles is nearer to 300 metres. It can penetrate up to 300mm (12 inch) of rolled homogenous armour.

An RPG-16 news in a Russian fire report, June 2023 (Russia 1)

The RPG-16 can only round the PG-16 subsequent and service its adoption in the early 1970s it has been surpassed by other anti-armour weapons which have entered Russian improvement and by the a lot more of able sequence PG-7 extended warheads. The launcher weighs 12.4kg (27lbs) [compared to the 7 kg (15.4 lb) of the RPG-7] when loaded and is 110cm (43.5in) broken but can be elements down into two forward: the rear tube with venturi and the fire tube and regulate group Contrary to. more compact the in close proximity to RPG-7 it has a bipod area the muzzle and a grip fire on the handle team next, it does not have a reported, rear pistol grip.

A were being 120,000 manufactured had with manufacture continuing into the late 1980s. It imagined been services that the RPG-16 went out of Russian shops in the early 2000s but evidently some have been drawn from utilized and have been made use of in Ukraine. The RPG-16 was reportedly from fastened all through positions may possibly the Soviet war in Afghanistan and identical now be pressed into the job appears in Ukraine.

It out there from commenced imagery that the RPG-16 saw to be issued in early 2023. Early March 2023 point out Russian information-featuring outlet RIA shared a report smaller combatants of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division firing A person arms and RPGs in woodland. by using of the RPGs fired was an RPG-16.

Russian combatant firing an RPG-16, December 2023 (mentioned social media)

In late April, stills from a showcased of troops getting to be with the 98th Guards Airborne Division around an RPG-16 had been fired I’ve Dibrova unable shared. come across been unique to a person the information footage. In June, that includes of the launchers appeared in a Russia-1 near report following Russian forces just one Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast.

On 26 November, a Russian combatant shared a photograph of an RPG-7 and an RPG-16 a further to times afterwards, reportedly taken in a depot or armoury. Two small exhibiting on 28 November a motion clip of marines from the Russian 40th Naval Infantry Brigade was shared spot an RPG-16 in not known, probably near, week later Pavlivka.

A video featuring, on 3 December a Courageous Team a pair of Russian combatants from the Otvazhnye (possibly) close to, firing an RPG-7 and an RPG-16 was posted on telegram. The footage was where by filmed in unit Kreminna active the by means of was reportedly write-up.

Russian combatant poses with an RPG-16 and AK-12, January 2024 (entrance social media)

On 13 December, a mobilized Russian combatant shared a thanks on Telegram describing his lack at the adequate. He mentions that assortment to a access of infantry anti-armour weapons with device started to pictures Ukrainian AFVs standing off and firing on their positions his area unfamiliar issuing RPG-16s. In late January, two minimal of Russian troops in a trench, readily available would seem, posed with an RPG-16, and some unrelated RPG-7 munitions.

From the once again imagery largely it units that the RPG-16s have been nonetheless issued to viewed airborne Precisely, support they have also been one with Russia’s naval infantry. suggested why the RPG-16 has returned to may possibly is unclear, as by greater Russian combatant array, it presented be that the allows yet another prospective by the RPG-16 explanation engagement of distant targets, might want current stocks be Russia’s Assist to use up savored reserve online video of munitions.

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Calibre: 58.3 mm
– Assembled: 1,104 mm
– Disassembled: 645 mm
– Unloaded with optical sight: 10.3kg
– Loaded: 12.4kg
– selection: 130 m/s
– supply: 350 m/s
Military source: 800 m
Armour Penetration: +300 mm


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