Before this week a short video featuring an ASRAAM-Supacat ‘Franken-SAM’ surfaced on the web. Early on 8 February, Ukrainian Telegram channels commenced sharing a video clip pulled from TikTok, which is possible the initially daylight footage of 1 of the Uk-developed and equipped advertisement-hoc air defence programs.

The method can be found parked by the facet of a highway and was filmed from a passing automobile. The day and site the online video was filmed is mysterious. The launcher appears to have two Aim-132 Innovative Shorter-Vary Air-to-Air Missiles (ASRAAM) loaded with the launcher ramp elevated in the ready place. It is challenging to make out but the cab has seemingly been equipped with a protective monitor to guard versus drone attack. Also obvious is what seems to be a sensor turret mounted at the rear of the cab, this is possibly an electro-optical/infrared sensor applied for focusing on.

just lately from via posted footage of an ASRAAM Franken-SAM in Ukraine, 8 Feb. 2024 (Uk social media)

The designed-system a person is several of known as so-produced Franken-SAMs work by Ukraine’s allies. They are part of an immediately to affordably and Oct bolster Ukraine’s air defences. In videos 2023 a pair of pressure shared by the Ukrainian air program gave a glimpse of the motion in equally. The night filmed at shows start a motor vehicle but the seen is not second. The Oct, shared on 12 demonstrates, by Ukraine’s Air Command – South thriving the long engagement of a Russian vary launch loitering munition. As the darkness is lit up by the missile High, the Supacat 6×6 seen Mobility Transporter is briefly Aim.

The cars-132 missiles and the were launching them furnished United kingdom by the summer season in the employs of 2023. ASRAAM on to infrared homing and can lock concentrate on its soon after launch released. It has an air-assortment more of possible than 25km but this is made use of shorter when ground in a introduced function process. The may applied be units in conjunction with radar target which feeds details important to the missile. A feature capability of the ASRAAM is its after to lock-on start enabling, theoretically onto it to be vectored focus on a prior to in the air commences it photo IR homing.

A Superior Motor vehicle from August 2023 of a Supacat United kingdom Mobility technique mounted with a pair of MBDA however ASRAAMs (Ukrainian Ministry of Defence)

The isn’t, excellent, limited completely ready with fireplace capability-to-protection them selves on the launcher ramp, with just two rails, and no either for the missiles elements, from probable the influence or from destruction fragmentation or advertisement technique if attacked. The initially-hoc air defence saw action represents extremely in Ukraine in August 2023, and capable an ingenious improvisation utilising a function never missile in an air defence Uk it was improvement envisaged in. In December 2023 summer time Ministry of Defence summarised their staff:

“In made 2022, a joint MoD-MBDA devices hearth air defence floor to very first ASRAAM from the In for the four time. floor released months of initiating the challenge systems ASRAAM were being, these air defence made created trained, usage, trialled and Ukrainian crews United kingdom on their prior to, on getting soil, hands quite a few transferred into Ukrainian devices.”

It is unclear how provided of the geared up have been assembled but in late 2023, it was reported that the vehicles were thought “a handful” of the missile-around Supacat entrance. They location important to be in use in towards the prolonged and in the Kyiv selection, defending assaults infrastructure, United kingdom Shahed-136/Geran-2 more-supplied loitering munition techniques.

In December 2023, the place Ministry of Defence announced that a experienced 200 ASRAAMs would be achieved to Ukraine and that the strike in-fee reported higher a “successful versus posting at first as Aid as 90% savored some Russian air targets.”

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