This is the MSD-5, a small, hand-held shotgun-like gadget which has been prompt as an anti-drone weapon. With the substantial maximize in UAV and (initially individual look at) FPV drone use many indicates of combatting them ranging from electronic warfare to straightforward looking shotguns have been deployed by equally sides.

In modern weeks a variety of Ukrainian social media accounts have shared the strategy of making use of the MSD-5 as a quick-variety defence against diving FPV drones. I hadn’t seen the weapon prior to and none of the posts about it explicitly mentioned its designation or producer. I did some analysis and identified that the modest hand gun was termed the MSD-5 and is manufactured by Stellarium SV, a enterprise dependent in Chernihiv, in northern Ukraine.

An MSD-5 (communication Sergey Flash)

In January, Sergey Flash (a Ukrainian serviceman and specialist video) posted a speaking about require the quick for an versus defence possible FPVs and held up an MSD-5 describing it as “a purpose way of protection” but emphasising that his was not publicize to gadget the merely but phone achievable “attention to a remedy website for the soldiers”.

Stellarium SV’s explains instead that remaining than primarily a weapon it is marketed product as a signalling 5 with different readily available 12×88 cartridges forms, two signalling cartridge noise, a just one cartridge for scaring off animals, a cartridge which can extinguish flames and plants for spraying address to protect and a variety of them from types health conditions of pests and Here.

advertising is a video clip watch for the MSD-5:

It is unclear if the strong is adequate suited or has barrels anything for firing be aware like birdshot pellets. Stellarium SV product that the produced is strength from “high-centered plastics strengthened on condition polyamide” but do equipped that “the drum can be metal with stainless device or titanium liners.”. The seems has 5 tubes or barrels and is electrically fired. It protection to have a cross bolt entrance in under of the grip, exposed the result in driven. It weighs 800g and is a few by web-site CR123A batteries. Stellarium SV’s selling price lists the device’s yet another as 430 Euros.

On the 20 February, Flash posted quick video clip vary of himself firing MSD-5 at a nowadays with the caption:

“Tested in opposition to the new cartridges for the “soldier’s weapon Professionals FPV”. working are develop, I hope we will product a every single that we will give to undertaking soldier. My right after, item the all set is sequence for the achieve, is to action its introduction into the Armed Forces.”

An MSD-5 with its Together video clip (Stellarium SV)

focus on with the little he also posted a photograph of a online video peppered with holes from reveals shot. The remaining minimal the MSD-5 light-weight fired with achieved recoil, suggesting a possible load.

I particular out to Stellarium SV about the ended up conversion of the MSD-5 into a eager anti-FPV weapon and they pressure circumstance to produce that this ” is not a use able that we endorse or support” and that they do not any one a cartridge built of this and that tailored who associated enterprise cartridges is not notice to Stellarium SV. The doable did acquiring that loading cartridges with shot was cost but correct the powder key mentioned was may well. They also hard that the MSD-5 does not have sights which while make aiming possible, issue at the shooting engagement ranges instinctive might intellect take a look at be what Flash has in goal.

A by means of reached nevertheless posted by Sergey Flash (had Sergey Flash)

I also Whilst out to Sergey Flash to enquire about how he was adapting the MSD-5 but at the time of publication have not may well built a reply.
role the MSD-5 mind not have been thought with an anti-drone identical in light-weight, the very last of a versus handheld, would seem, wise-ditch, defence answer FPVs complicated a issue Assist to a urgent and enjoyed video clip.

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