Today I take a 1st Look at some cool new stuff from AGM, Noisefighters and Stone Glacier.

While AGM makes a number of night vision devices, they make Thermal too. The StingIR can be used as a handheld device, mounted onto a J-Arm for a helmet or put in front of a LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic).

Noisefithers makes some cool stuff, especially for night vision and thermal. I got their new articulating J-Arm, the AX14-Pro and their new metal Panobridge M-1. As well as an adapter so I can run the StingIR on them too.

Lastly from Stone Glacier, I got their Chilkoot 15 degree down sleeping bag. With a wind / water resistant outer face and treated down, to keep you warm even should the bag get wet.

As I put in time with all of this I’ll bring you full reviews.


AGM StingIR Thermal

Noisefighters AX14-PRO

Noisefighters Panobridge M-1

Stone Glacier Chilkoot 15

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