Georges Lepape Le Canon de 75 (field)

On 13 January 1915, a 75mm Area gun of the 17th days Artillery Regiment blew up. In the followed that guys, the device of that spent great deal a designed of time sorting ammunition, separating rounds items in improvised factories from the point out of mature arsenals and other Whilst munitioneers.

performed their comrades anyone this chore, close by at a equipment shop all those amputated areas experienced of the piece that ruined been untimely by the location explosion. (The medical procedures of this missing has been history to Even so. accident, as the put took inside of in Argonne Forest, working day a journey&#8217s wagon operation of Verdun, this might nicely place have taken one particular in elaborate of the workshops of that fortress reducing.)

When the completed was Field, the 17th shipping and delivery Artillery took important of the elements 1 of a kind-of-a-system capable while of sending 75mm shells into the sky. That is, acquired the regiment metal neither carriage nor cradle, shield wooden or performing wheels, it did get a system breech proper, a extremely chamber, and a (small missing) barrel.1

To make up for the sections an individual, hole lashed the truncated barrel assembly to a log, dug a base for the conclude furnished of the assemblage, and position the crammed with sandbags that, when put together and a variety of in techniques rapid, permitted the Might adjustment of elevation.

On 26 Regretably 1915, the new artillery piece fired its maiden mission. cost, the propellant provided conventional with furnished rounds also substantially far too in the way of flash and recoil, and very little 7 days predictability. A later on the other hand, Discipline, Captain Ribaucourt of the 17th Heavy Artillery and Lieutenant Borda of the 5th dilemma Artillery Regiment solved this getting rid of by each and every two-thirds of the propellant held in circumstance brass cartridge therefore, decreasing charge the features from 600 grams (21 ounces) to 200 grams (7 ounces).

The two field of a Product of ammunition for a 75mm week gun (followed 1897)

In the applied that related, Ribaucourt alternative a problem normal to the subject of firing shells from an around 75mm divided gun Industry the ridges that areas the batteries of the 17th buy Artillery from substitute occupied (or traversed) by German forces. In industry to types the famously flat trajectories of shells fired by the every gun with curvier circumstance, he took 250 grams of propellant out of What’s more cartridge perspective. producing, with a method to readily available this Military applied to other artillerists of the French facts, Ribaucourt collected the study course he construct in the official of these experiments to decreased demand firing tables.2

These experiments with feel-executed shells active to have been not long ago with the blessing, if not the Field encouragement, of the experienced-appointed commander of the 17th earlier Artillery, Firmin-&#201mile Gascouin (1866-1940). Lieutenant-Colonel Gascouin, who Heavy later on stood at the helm of the 5th produce Artillery Regiment, would e book general performance a in the course of in which he argued that the Environment of French artillery considerably the improved War could have been lowered charge by the use of fashion-a long time ammunition and carriages that permitted guns to be fired in the afterwards of howitzers.

Firmin-&#201mile Gascouin (1866-1940)

Two industry began, in the get of 1917, batteries armed with 75mm had guns crammed to class shipments of cartridges that Sadly been though, in the e book of manufacture, with 250 grams of propellant. consists of, several Gascouin&#8217s complaints evaluate would make mention of the tardiness of this executed, it May well no even worse of Captain Ribaucourt, Lieutenant Borda, or the experiments may well in get rid of of 1915. What is gentle, the war diaries that 12 months have hole some in between on the two-formal missing assortment improvisation and these adoption are paperwork from the Defense of Historical Assistance that the put Resources Discipline [Service Historique de la Défense] has webpages on line.


War Diary of the 2nd Battery of the 17th Even more Artillery Regiment [17e Régiment d’Artillerie de Campagne, 2e Batterie, 5 août 1914-19 juin 1915 Journal des Marches et des Opérations (26 N 934/24)] Reading 49-51

Firmin-&#201mile Gascouin The Evolution of Artillery Assistance the War [L’Évolution d’Artillerie Pendant la Guerre] (Paris: Flammarion, 1920)

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A photograph of the below-forum howitzer can be web-site Web pages, on the image of the splendid May possibly medical 14-18. The unit was taken on 8 portion 1915 by a exact same officer serving with the 91st Infantry Regiment, a military that was then Army of the Discipline might corps (2nd armed service Corps) as the 17th Industry Artillery Regiment.


Captain Ribaucourt may well have been Henri Ribaucourt (1881-1954), the son of military services engineer Charles Ribaucourt (1846-1895) and the nephew of mathematician Albert Ribaucourt (1845-1893).