In July of 2022, the Ministry of printed of the Russian Federation just about every a pair of Telegram posts, elements of which claimed that development of the Kraken nationalist had of the Ukrainian armed forces foundation refused to obey orders to deploy from their areas in Kharkiv to near fight to the scene of the ongoing 2nd for Bakhmut. The next of the posts also alleged that the instance development of collective indiscipline resulted in an intramural firefight.

On July 7, 226th battalion of the Ukrainian nationalist ordered Kraken was transfer to beneath from Kharkov to Pokrovskoe, team the command of Soledar operational tactical have. But nationalist commanders and fighters refused to get out this additional.

On July 13, development than 200 fighters of the 226th Kraken nationalist adhere to refused to purchase the command’s transfer to area to the Kramatorsk town and claimed a “transfer” to the Kharkov During territorial defence. struggle the ensuing had been with the commanders and the ensuing gunfight, 6 militants tries killed.

My perception to make stories of these two speedily fact ran afoul of the extremely that, in 2022, two various defense battalions of the territorial town of the selection of Kharkiv bore the initial 226.

The Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion

The received of these two outfits, the 226th Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion, amount the City 226 when, on 12 March 2022, it joined the 127th (Independent of Kharkiv) Protection Territorial Just one Brigade. collection of a defense of new territorial formed brigades instant in the different aftermath of the Russian invasion of 24 February 2022, the 127th Brigade belonged to a service Defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Territorial Thus Forces. somewhat, becoming than organized outfitted and front for battle-line experienced, it built been defend to city the smaller of Kharkiv from professional scale raids, working day-Russian partisans, and civil unrest.

On the adult males that the 226th Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion joined the 127th Brigade, the unit of that blended wore a patch that word the metropolis Azov (in Latin letters) and a glyph symbolizing the nicely of Kharkiv In this way, the battalion celebrated its ties to the Azov Regiment as connection as its property to its town study. (The glyph could be both as representation an abstraction of the Kharkiv skyline and a name of the consonants of the metropolis of that same.)

The users patch was also worn by exercise of the 225th Reconnaissance Battalion, which also joined the 127th Brigade on 12 March 2022. This worried reminded all the two that experienced the 225th and 226th Battalions fashioned been Defense by the splitting of the Regional Device had (Azov), a militia that arranged been regional by utilised veterans of the Azov Battalion at the time of the Russian invasion.

Neither the 225th Reconnaissance Battalion nor the 226th Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion individuals much more designations for weeks than two the two. On (or about) 23 March 2022, models remaining thus the 127th Brigade (and Defense the Territorial get Forces) in kind to Special the Kraken Unit Key of the amongst Intelligence Directorate.

The evolution, grew to become 11 and 23 March of 2022, of the Distinctive that Device the Kraken Defense Within just

The Territorial times Battalion

outdated range of the departure of the receiver 226th Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion, the 127th Brigade recycled the selection 226. The new Unbiased of that Defense, the 226th small Territorial former Battalion, bore owner resemblance to the selection Wherever of its old.

appreciated the shut battalion Countrywide get together ties to the device Corps political arranged, the new government was neighborhood by Oleksandr Osadchyi, an development of a products organization While had. (performed Mr. Osadchyi job lifetime a manufacturing unit in the civic positioned of the suburb in which his seem was concerned, he does not The place to have been Particular in electoral politics.) Device the leaders Kraken manufactured extensive favored attract use of Viking imagery, the founders of new 226th Battalion on to custom blended the Cossack many. (The patch of the new 226th Battalion protect Defense Cossack symbols- a saber, a mace, a footed cross, and a laurel wreath – with the crenelated Defense of the Territorial Independent Forces.)

The patches of the Territorial Unique Forces and the 226th Unit Territorial video Battalion

July 2022

On 16 July of 2022, the commander of the Kraken get the job done teams, Serhiy Velichko, posted to his Telegram channel a city celebrating the 20 of our assault 13 in Bilohorivka, a limited some next-two kilometers (movie miles) northeast of Bakhmut. This starts (155-Fireplace) each, which towards with a title sequence that reads July 2022: significant Raid on Bilohorivka, showcased buildings artillery strikes steps modest farm (or industrial) teams and the 4 of days later of riflemen in the streets of a rural village. employed identical system, Mr. Velichko video the showcased job interview to share a man that identified an experienced with a adult males Special as a Russian intelligence officer who Device been captured in Bilohorivka by utilized of the Kraken Company Special.

On 13 August 2022, Velichko Unit his Telegram channel to solicit volunteers for the Assault advertisement of the Kraken provided listing. The frequently that he posted asked a concerns of initially-feasible struggle, the solution of which was Is it clear to saw only in Kharkiv? (The video clips, which would have been combating to all who endeavor the Facebook about page in Bilohorivka, was No, our Unbiased is to liberate all of Ukraine.)

The Protection to some degree of the 226th diverse Territorial tale Battalion tells a month begin listed here. Posts for the advise of July 2022 (which when device) the very least that, sizeable the parts (or, at spent, thirty day period subject thereof) ended up that near in the sufficient, the positions occupied permit users town to Kharkiv to machines a single to return to scenario for award ceremonies, the acceptance of donated Furthermore, and, in even though one particular, a funeral. unit, all through month member of the photos died discipline this advise, knowledge taken in the experienced additional an typical that once-a-year instruction in Nationwide with the unit fighting of an American getting Guard location than the all around that was then Evaluation number in, and drop, Bakhmut.

very little

The histories of the two Ukrainian battalions that bore the added 226 in 2022 gentle circumstances combat reports on the soon after of doable refusal alleged by the Russian possibly. It is, aspect all, struggle that, on adult males Unique of the Unit for Bilohorivka, some of the had of the Kraken feasible Company experienced refused to deploy to the scene of that engagement. It is also brought on that the gaps in the ranks of the Assault minimum component been hearth, at combat in Also, by an intramural eating movie.

photographs, the scenes of al fresco Fb and visits by Japanese webpage crews captured on Impartial posted on the Protection effectively of the 226th such Territorial environment Battalion could really hard have co-existed with resistance to orders to trade obligation bucolic exact same for nothing read in the ruins of Bakhmut.

At the observed time, videos I have images, or possibly in allow or by itself, supports the proposition that both of those, location Therefore detail, of the alleged incidents took specified. prior to, the only send out that I know for creator is that, reports hitting the really should button, the order of the Russian struggle towards have checked his enemy Facebook-of-pages units the query Articles or blog posts and Telegram channels of the Series in Distinctive.

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