If you’re a “knife man or woman“, then I’m certain you have listened to of the famous “Kukri“, ideal?

Essentially large enough to be labeled as a “machete“, the Kukri has come to be just one of the most well-known blades on the market today.

It is comprehensible, “why”…

For a lot more than 500 years, the fearsome Gurkha warriors of Nepal have fought for multiple navy units all around the world in some of the most brutal close-quarter battles.

In reality, when the mighty British Empire invaded Nepal in 1815, they had been very easily beaten back by the Gurkhas.

The Gurkhas main weapon was… the Kukri machete!

Now for the reason that of the “image” the Kukri has thanks to its association with intense Gurkha warriors tons of men and women say it is the “ultimate” battling machete… but I’m not persuaded – and here’s why…

Is The Kukri Machete Genuinely The Best Style For Edged-Weapon Combating?

Gurkha Kukri Survival Machete

To be fair… it’s notjust the “image” that makes the Kukri so popular…

Just one of the reasons the Kukri is so well-known is that folks assume the Kukri’s angled blade has specific style and design positive aspects.

Sad to say (in my humble feeling – soon after hardcore“pressure testing”), a whole lot of these characteristics in fact perform From you in combat.

Enable me inform you why…

Challenge #1: The Kurki Machete Is Very good For Chopping… But Awful For “Stabbing”

The Kukri’s blade, by style, is angled DOWN.

This puts the weight of the blade forward, making the Kukri a very good “chopper” by concentrating the electricity of a downward blow into a additional vertical course.

This performs excellent if you are hacking a log or branches underneath waist level (exactly where the vertical movement is best harnessed)…

…but in a true-existence fight, the enemy is going and your key targets are earlier mentioned the waistline.

What is additional, angled assaults are the best to deflect, which is why 1 of the most successful tactics is a “thrust” assault.

This is 1 of the most productive methods with a significant blade, and a genuine “battle-ender“.

With the Kukri’s knife idea and blade angled downward, stabbing is a great deal more challenging because it doesn’t aid a all-natural thrusting motion.

Challenge #2: The Kukri Machete Is Conveniently “Snagged” In Edged-Weapon Fight

That critical downward curve of the Kukri has another disadvantage outside of stabbing…

…it snags poorly!

The angled blade means an unnatural “hooking” of whatsoever it strikes, as it transfers the electric power of the blow into the focus on.

That usually means that the blade can very easily develop into lodged in bone if you chop at an attacker with it.

Now, obtaining a big knife lodged in the bone of an arm or leg is likely to damage ANY “bad guy’s working day.

But it also usually means you’ve gotta un-adhere the blade to use it again… and that’s hard to do with the angle of the blade.

A much better preference is a blade less very likely to dangle up in the goal, or to snag on points all around it.

A straighter blade condition is considerably superior for close battle disorders like that.

Problem #3: The Kukri Machete Cannot Be Thrown Easily

Now, I know that throwing ANY blade is very controversial in a fighting scenario.

I imply, why would you ever “throw away” your most important weapon, correct?

Perfectly, I never (thoroughly) disagree.

The reality is, nevertheless, there ARE times in which throwing a knife (or certainly, even a machete!) can give you a distance edge that your attacker doesn’t have – both as a distraction for a abide by-up attack, or as a legitimate “tactical move”.

The Kukri is very awkward for throwing due to its angled structure, and it’s pretty most likely you’ll strike your focus on with the back of the blade exactly where it bends downward.

Which is just physics.

Straighter blade profiles are much far more quickly thrown.

(Additional on that in a minute…)

Difficulty #4: Blade-To-Blade, The Kukri Machete Has No “Flow”

1 of the most significant issues about combating with a blade is that it must “flow.”

You have obtained to be equipped to maintain it moving, putting Through your enemy and, if essential, as a result of and previous his personal blade.

Placing blade-to-blade with the Kukri SUCKS due to the fact the angled blade condition obviously catches on your attacker’s weapon.

We discovered this out the tricky way when producing our “Overcome Machete” preventing method.

Screening out several types of machetes, the Kukri carried out the WORST when it came to blade-to-blade preventing, and we observed that, on contact with one more blade, disrupts your body’s organic balance on speak to (at most effective)… and can even basically immediate your attacker’s blade into you (at worst)!

When you glance at these design flaws, you can see why the Gurkhas experienced to train so thoroughly to choose edge of the characteristics, while staying away from the blade’s challenges.

Possibilities are, you’re not instruction 1000’s of hours in a Gurkha regiment, correct?

Which is why we selected the “Bolo” blade when designing our Guardian “urban survival” machete…

The Bolo Machete: The Very best Survival Machete For Fighting… Ever!

Guardian Urban Survival Combat Machete
The Guardian “Urban Survival” Fight Machete

Not as perfectly-regarded as the Kukri, the Bolo layout out-performs it on all of these points…

Very first, simply because of its symmetrical “sword-like” condition, you can thrust quickly with the bolo.

Second, the bolo machete won’t get snagged, even considered its blade form and ahead-weighted style however makes it an outstanding chopper.

Third, the bolo machete is can be thrown extremely simply if the situation phone calls for it.

Observe: Here’s a video clip of me throwing a “bolo” machete from about 40′ away…

Guardian Machete Throw

Last but not least, the bolo flows in battle just like a sword… simply because that’s basically what it is!

Its symmetrical style and design and straight backbone retain it passing through your focus on with a move that makes abide by-up attacks a purely natural extension of your body’s motion – supplying you far more choices for angles AND location you up to superior defeat various attackers with your machete.

I think you’ll concur that the Bolo is 1 hell of a fight blade, appropriate?

In fact, it just could possibly be the finest decision for survival and for edged weapon fighting… no issue what kind of emergency you experience.


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