The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is an iconic movie in American cinema and arguably the best of the ‘Spaghetti Westerns.’ Rather than my usual boring rants about Serious Mistakes, Negative Outcomes,   and excruciatingly detailed analyses of Armed Citizen incidents, I’m creating a short collection of a Good, Bad, and Ugly incident each month. Here’s the March 2024 issue.

My Patrons get first look at it on the last day of each month. The following month I unlock the Patreon post on the last Monday and link it here for my blog Followers. Today’s the day to unlock the March 2024 edition.

My hope is that it will be both educational and entertaining. The movie soundtrack is outstanding so a snippet from the soundtrack is part of each month’s post also.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – March 2024

The Good

Woman shoots 2 alleged intruders, killing 1, inside West Philadelphia apartment, police say

The Bad

The Bad section this month was difficult to decide which incident to use but the most tragic won out.

Mother accidentally shoots, kills daughter when searching for keys in purse, police say

The Ugly

Kentucky man accused of shooting roommate for eating last Hot Pocket, police say


The GBU isn’t drawn from The Armed Citizen column of the official NRA Journals but the March edition of The Armed Citizen is attached. Rather than an obsessive interest in ‘the worst case scenario,’ it shows what the vast majority of Defensive Gun Uses really look like. Naturally, my hometown of Chicargo is prominently featured.