In this episode, Ivan discusses the logistics of an outside shooting opposition, touching on apparel, footwear, camping gear, and shooting with gloves. He assessments evening vision equipment, ammo and array luggage, the Spiritus Methods gear, and precise gun styles utilised at Moons Out Goons Out 2024. Ivan also finds a resolution to a set off issue and reflects on the competitiveness&#8217s disorders.


Clothes / Gear

Lems Outlander Boots

Position 6 Merino Socks

Past Testa Softshell Trousers

Sitka Main Merino 220 50 percent Zip

Past Alpha Aura Jacket

Prometheus Structure Werx AG Observe Cap

Further than Cetra Pants

Further than Cetra Jacket

Past Guide Lite Gloves

Big Agnes Spike Lake Down Sleeping Bag

OTTE Equipment OG Helmet Bag

Ops-Main Sentry XP Mid Minimize Helmet

– Ops Main MBS Shroud

– Unity Tactical SPARK

– Ops Core AMP ear professional with ARC rail arms

– DTNVS from Licentia Arms

– Wilcox G-24 Mount

EMDOM Ammo Sack

Spiritus Systems Mk4 Micro Combat Chassis

Spiritus Devices Fats Strap

Spiritus Methods Back Strap

Effects Scenario and Container Gun Case

Correct-It-Sticks Established

B.E. Meyers KIJI

Bobro KOFN Mount

Rifle &#8211 1

Griffin Armament Mk2 Rifle

Griffin Armament Recce 5K Silencer

Scalarworks LEAP 01 Riser


Sierra Tac Padded Sling

Ballistic Engineering Solitary Phase Cause

Rifle &#8211 2

Sig Rattler LT

Sig SLX762

Aimpoint T2

Scalarworks LEAP Mount

MAWL C1+ from B.E. Meyers

Die Free of charge Co. Kung Fu Grip

Lunar Ideas Solitary Place Sling

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