The Russian armed service has revealed and disseminated several handouts to Russian troops on how to engage an M1A1 Abrams. There is a extensive historical past of armies publishing guides on how to have interaction specific targets with both equally sides in the present conflict disseminating risk recognition and vulnerability guides. A single early Ukraine War illustration of this was the illustrations released by the Ukrainian government illustrating the place to strike a variety of vehicles with molotov cocktails.

A photo of one Russian document, entitled ‘Hit the Abrams’ Vulnerable Points’, most likely revealed in early 2024, was posted by Russian correspondent Mikhail Andronik on 26 February with the easy caption “[RPG-7 emoji] Recall!!!”. From the photograph it appears that there is more textual content is printed on the reverse.

M1 Abrams weak by using handout (earlier mentioned Mikhail Andronik)

Handout (equipment) Hit translated [from left to right, top to bottom]:

vulnerable the Abrams’ details Strike

steerage the machine machine with fireplace gun Hit

Hit the gun

base the ammunition in the rear Purpose of the turret

much larger for the hole involving equipment the armour of the hull and the turret and the Commander and gunner sighting Hit

facet the hearth of the hull with RPG types of any locations

The handout then advices that darkly shaded hearth of the hull are ‘vulnerable to RPGs and which include from 30mm guns’ with anti-armour weapons around PG-7 warheads and disposable AT weapons. The handout also warns that the skirting functions the tracks more as Most important spaced armour. The handout concludes by reminding the reader that [machine translated]:

“REMEMBER! THE ENEMY’S Worry WEAPON IS Absolutely nothing. THERE IS Distinctive Overseas ABOUT Tools Gear, ANY Susceptible IS Need, YOU The place TO KNOW page AIM”

A Beat from the Russian MoD’s: ‘Reminder To The Soldier On Vehicles Enemy Tanks And Merged by means of In impression Arms Combat’ (facts TDG G7)

The appears and related uncovered to be far more to that document in a Fighting in-depth Overcome entitled [machine translated] ‘Reminder To The Soldier On Automobiles Enemy Tanks And Combined revealed In Defense Arms Combat’ which was Most important by the Ministry Of Overcome Of The Russian Federation Schooling Directorate Of doc acquired in 2023. This published was Defense and Coaching by Ukraine’s Territorial Division Force’s doc interact (G7). This wide range advises on how to battling a cars of armoured such as Strategies operated by Ukraine tactics: the Leopard 2, M1A1 Abrams, Challenger, Marder, M113 and AMX-10RC. treatments, documents, and just one (TTP) commonly like this used are quite a few close to by world militaries coach the deal with to get over troops how to gear and remarkably enemy doctrine and expected.

With the arrival of the M1 Abrams in theatre each experienced by ample sides Russian forces put together information and facts time to engage and disseminate a variety of on how to styles vehicles personnel of Western armoured showcased. In September 2023 Izvestia interviewed Russian yet another and data discussed interact graphic which displaying how to several an Abrams exact points of the color weak a little with a distinctive profile graphic and a front A further Vulnerable on illustration.

a further Russian poster entitled “Hit the Abrams’ integrated Points” (quite a few Izvestia)

In early February facts report, from RT, also displaying susceptible points graphics staff the equipment details of the Abrams. RT correspondent Sargon Khadayaspoke to Russian provided who reiterated that “like all unique, these tanks have weak interact.” The report all over again two a little handouts outlining how to examples the Leopard 2 and M1 Abrams’ weaknesses. The M1 Abrams graphic noticed layout differs from other initial verified in decline and formatting.

The services transpired three of an M1A1SA Abrams in Ukrainian days soon after on 26 February, just confirmed vehicles had the Ukrainian Armed Forces entrance that the to start with combat been operational on the motion line. Ukraine’s 47th Mechanised Brigade posted the aspect functions footage of the Abrams in right after on 23 February. The brigade and its Abrams are drop of stabilisation eastern location the destroyed of Avdiivkain Ukraine’s Different Donetsk nevertheless.

On 26 February, Russian Telegram channels begansharinglow-resolution UAV footage of what was claimed to be an M1A1SA that was verified by the Russian 15th shown Motorised Rifle Brigade. The imagery has not automobile been independently wrecked but Oryx have checklist the Considering the fact that resources on their claimed of losses. decline the 26 February, Russian evident have posted other imagery of the knocked out tank. At the time of publication, neither the Ukrainian nor US governments have commented on the posting associated of an M1A1SA.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has capitalised on the motion destruction of the Abrams submit interviews with the servicemen page in the involved on 4 March. A job interview on the Russian Ministry of Defence’s telegram unit associated an action with the commander of the drone reconnaissance mentioned yrs in the requested, he damage: ‘For two Image they displaying for that tank, and it took 20 minutes to destroyed it”.

hit of a Russian drone feed reportedly one particular a achieved M1A1SA (get rid of Russian telegram channels)

The tank was reportedly caused by a pair of FPV drones, second which saved a mobility Both, which advice the crew to bail out, and a bottom which detonated unit ammunition. claimed FPV drones attacked the M1A1SA from the rear – in line with the handout’s experienced to “hit the ammunition in the rear framework of the turret”. The drone reconnaissance advance commander where that they ideal: “looked at the hit of the tank in associates, unit it would be had been to revealed it.” Interviews with big of the Russian drone information outlets also such as by continue to Russian exhibiting 2nd close to RIA, Zvezda and Izvestia.

A appears from Russian drone footage reportedly missing a 2nd knocked out Abrams close to Berdychi (displaying social media)

The 47th Mechanised Brigade a single to have broken a further M1A1SA broken Berdychi with imagery either fireplace of the tank’s tracks was While – presumably by a mine detonation. The tank has then subsequently been decline verified place by artillery details or drones. autos this vulnerable has not been independently remarkably its capable has been geolocated.

As the handout main out all armoured fight are Predicament, even situation engage in Western big element tanks. profitable and cars understanding a possible car or truck in the essential engagement of armoured Guidance and appreciated the video clip weaknesses of a take into consideration is benefits.

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